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The New York City Rockettes - A Christmas Tradition

I"m sure everyone has seen the famous NYC Rockette's in person or on television. When I was a child they were the highlight of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. My sister and I would wait anxiously to see them do their famous tap and kick routine in those tiny little holiday outfits.  Their long legs never moving out of step. The dance line was to achieve absolute precision and the audience sees 36 Rockette's perform intricate routines but always in perfect step as one dancer.

The Ruby Red Tag Sale!

I enjoyed Ruby Lanes Red Tag Sale as much as the first. The two day period gave customers more time to browse and shop. Being near Christmas this sale was a winner! I could list 68 items and marked them 30-40% off choosing items I listed in early 2011 and those from wish lists. I listed my items early since I had plans on December 3 and would not be home. One Red Tag item sold Thursday night plus another person ordered. I mailed both packages on Friday.

Getting A Jump On The Holiday Season!

I am pretty certain that no one needs a reminder of how quickly the holidays are approaching! These days Halloween is not even celebrated when Christmas displays are already in full regale in the stores the retailers maximizing the biggest shopping season of the year! However, with all the shopping hoopla surrounding Christmas, how many of us really get into the swing of things early?

Follow-up Note from Ruby Lane CEO Tom Johnson

Well, it has been quite a week, to say the least. I wanted to reach-out to all shops and provide another site update.

Our IT Team feels we have rounded the corner and that Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza are both stable and back to full operational levels. We do have some smaller issues that we continue to address. However, these issues do not directly affect the shopping and purchase processes for buyers or sellers. All major issues associated with our migration to Amazon's Cloud are under control.

Here is a brief update:

Pinterest - My Favorite New Social Networking Tool

I’ve “discovered” a new social networking tool that works well with Facebook, Twitter and my personal lifestyle. Not “discovered” as in Columbus discovering The New World, but “discovered” as in found and fell in love with. As a collector and purveyor of vintage goods, I’m always running across something I love and think I can’t live without while searching the internet. I happen across it on the internet, and add it to my bookmarks. Then I forget which website it was on and where I found it, and spend hours scouring my myriad bookmarks and folders.

Pink Listing Day Is Friday, October 14

We want to let all shops know about our upcoming Pink Listing Day. During this event all items newly-listed on the site will only be charged 10 cents instead of the regular 30 cent Listing Fee.

Video - Happy Halloween from Ruby Lane

The Ruby Red Tag Sale - What A Neat Idea!

Here are some thoughts on Saturday's Red Tag Sale. I felt it was a good idea for a 24 hour sale. Who doesn't love a sale? I felt is was tastefully done and increased site traffic. I'm looking forward to more Red Tag Sales.

Ruby Red Tag Sale - Recap

This past weekend, Ruby Lane had its biggest sales day in its 13-year history.

Part of this huge success is attributed to the new Ruby Red Tag Sale, the first sale of its kind on Ruby Lane. Here are a few statistics from the 24-hour sale:

-Over 1,000 shops participated in the Sale
-Over 19,000 items were listed in the Sale

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