Nile Style: Origins of Egyptian Inspiration in Costume Jewelry

Long before I heard the term “Egyptian Revival” and like most other teenaged girls in the 1970s, I owned a colorful, etched glass scarab bracelet. My friends and I sent away to have our names made into hieroglyphics on necklaces and bracelets and were fascinated with Cleopatra.

Bell Trading Post: Corinthian Jewelry

Collectible Copper & Turquoise Jewelry from Bell Trading Post is another Memory from Route 66

Cameo Terminology

I'm often asked to elaborate on cameo terminology... You know the Lingo which helps to explain the different techniques that carvers use when perfecting their craft! So I'm here to share in a Ruby Lane article in hopes that this brief tutorial will help some of you sound like experts... even if you are just starting out!

Finding Sarah Coventry

I first became interested in Sarah Coventry jewelry near the beginning of my internet sales career.  I found a few pieces at a garage sale and they were very pretty and very inexpensive, so I purchased them.  When I arrived home at the end of my buying day, I began trying to research Sarah Coventry.  

Heart Jewelry - A Symbol of Love

Throughout the ages, some symbols keep recurring and also keep their original intended meaning. One of those is the heart.

In traditional art and folklore, the heart symbol seems to have always been drawn as a stylized shape. The fact that it is called a heart is somewhat controversial, since it only vaguely resembles the human heart. The question is often asked "Why isn't the heart symbol depicted by the actual shape of the human heart organ?"

The Treasured Locket

Lockets have been around for centuries, a vessel to hold a precious keepsake or memento. The Victorian Era, however, more than any period brought lockets into vogue and lockets from this time frame are some of my most favored. I believe lockets to be the ultimate gift of love and romance!

A Jewelry Addiction

"Hello, my name is Vintage Shari and I'm a Jewelryholic."

In Love With Romance

When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out. 
~ Elizabeth Bowen

How to use Facebook to promote your Ruby Lane Shop

When I first started B.BOLD Jewelry for Boomer Girls I decided that I would let my business grow incrementally, one step at a time. I had a plan, though. I would start by joining Ruby Lane because it would put my shop in a “mall” of quality shops. Joining Ruby Lane would be easier than building my own website.

Time to Take Stock

January is the month when we at Cinsababe’s evaluate the previous year and set ourselves up for a successful new year. Here are a few of the steps we take that you may want to consider:

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