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The memory is a vivid one—I’m sitting on a high, turning stool, patent leather, black Mary Jane’s swinging far above the footrest, sipping a black cow, one of my grandmother’s favorite soda fountain treats—a root beer float made with hand scooped chocolate ice cream.

Charming Charms

As I spent time researching a collection of sterling silver charms, I began to reminisce about a charm bracelet I had as a girl. It had charms from places I visited on family vacations and the one that I recall most is the Pieta, shown at the 1964 New York World's Fair Vatican exhibit.

Torsade Jewelry

The definition of torsade is a decorative twisted braid, ribbon or other strand used as trimming. It is often used in reference to an artificial plait of hair. Torsade is also a term used in the manufacture of jewelry.

Downsizing a Collection

When is it time to downsize? I'm often asked ...when it's time... or how to go about doing it! It can be most difficult to "let-go" of some of your first collection acquisitions. Trust me, been there, done that! For most collectors there comes a time when tough decisions need to be made. It may take several years of collecting for this time to come. Others have collected at warp speed and may decide after a year that their collection has become so massive it's not easy to enjoy and appreciate each piece.

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Good Communication Can Ease the Pain of Returns


The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
― George Bernard Shaw


Vintage Jewelry: Fur Clips

Fur Clips (and their cousins dress clips) first came on to the jewelry scene in the 1920s. A fur clip is a piece of jewelry which has two long prongs on a spring steel. This allows the decorative clip to be worn on a heavy fabric or fur coat. Dress clips, by comparison, often have a single metal clip, since they are meant to be worn on a lighter fabric.

Fur clips were a huge fashion trend in the roaring twenties when glamor, glitz and furs were in abundance on the fashion scene.

Ruby Lane 15-Year Anniversary Contest - Turquoise Petit Point Sterling Silver Bracelet

As you know, Ruby Lane is celebrating its 15th year in business. To celebrate, we have launched a new contest through our Facebook page. In addition to our Facebook Followers both Ruby Lane buyers and shop owners are eligible to enter and win.


Answer this question: If your dog was an antique what would he/she be?

If you don't have a dog, wing it.

Hallmarks On Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Most vintage and antique jewelry is stamped or etched with a mark representing the metal content and may also show the manufacturer of the jewelry as well. The stamps, hallmarks, and trademarks are sometimes located in an inconspicuous area on the jewelry and other times, the mark is plainly visible.  

The U.S. government, via the Gold and Silver Stamping Act of 1906, required that all jewelry and related items marked karat gold or sterling silver be accompanied by the manufacturer's trademark.

Jewelry with Special Meaning – A Little Girl and a Tree

My Vintage Garden

We collect jewelry for many reasons: it matches a special dress, we love the color, theme or the designer, but sometimes a piece of jewelry can mean much more. Our dearest treasures are those that remind us someone we love- a mother, daughter, husband or friend.

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