Flotsam & Jetsam: Photographic Jewelry

Even as a young girl, I was enamored by the complexity of faces. From the pictures I drew to the images I collaged, countenances played a vital part in my compositions. So, I guess it's no surprise that as an adult one of my favorite collectible genres is early photographic jewelry. Like many of my pieces, I stumbled upon two small photograph pins by happenstance. And, it was truly love at first site.

Synergy Jewelry: Online Customer Care for Artisans

Undoubtedly if you have an online shop, you have established a base of repeat customers. Perhaps they adore your unique artisan style, your prices are fair, they received excellent service, or all of the above!

Northeast Acquisitions: Antique & Vintage Jewelry - Miniature Works of Art

While assessing the history of antique and vintage jewelry, I found that it's creation often follows world events. Jewelry making is an art and often expresses the designer's surroundings, influences of the time and the resources at hand. The style of these miniature works of art is a function of it's historical period in time. The jewelry was created in the past and exists in the present, long after the designers are gone. This blog is a study of past jewelry designers and how their works were influenced and created.

Sorren's-Blue Scarlettshard: Emerald - May's Traditional Birthstone

My name is Dagney and my Rubylane store is Sorren's Blue-Scarlettshard. I would like to do a monthly blog on different types of gemstones. Gems have always been my passion and I have studied them for over 20 years. Each one holds a unique perspective to the jewelry connoisseur and maybe knowing a little more about these gems can inspire someone to take a different look and perhaps try a new type of gem in a beautiful vintage/antique piece of jewelry. There are plethora of Unique pieces to choose from on Rubylane.

The Love Nest: Charmed I'm Sure - A collection of charm bracelets

There are not too many women who can't remember their first piece of jewelry, and often it was a charm or starter charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have always been popular but women are no longer just attaching charms to their bracelets. They are becoming a little more clever by using pendants, cameos, single earrings, lockets, watch fobs, religious medals, and glass beads. Some are even using bizarre "found objects" like typewriter keys and sewing buttons, single button cuff links, dice, Scrabble tiles, and even Monopoly game pieces, to create unique and one of a kind bracelets.

Synergy Jewelry: Tools & Material I Can't Live Without

When fabricating jewelry, as with any creative process, having the right tools is an essential ingredient, and makes a huge difference in the results. Perhaps you are utilizing tools from the basement workshop. Yes, they get the job done, but this is a matter to rethink. In the end, quality tools are going to make your jewelry creations much more refined and just as important – save your hands!

Heritage Heirlooms: Mourning Memorial Jewelry Is Highly Collectible Today!

In the early 19th century hair was used in designing jewelry. Victorian women wore the jewelry not only as a fashion statement but as a way to keep loved ones close to them. This being sentimental it brought about an interest in hair work jewelry. For many years, it was popular to carry a lock of a loved ones hair. It was often kept in a ring, in the back of a special designed brooch, or locket.

The Jewelry Diva - Czechoslovakian Jewelry

Glass beads used to produce jewelry from Czechoslovakia, or Bohemia as it was originally called, was a direct result of the famous glass making factories, beginning in the 13th and 14th centuries. The jewelry was made of glass beads and rhinestones in beautiful colors and shapes. The country has a rich history in glass making including hand-blown, molded and cut glass. In the mid 1800’s the glass produced here surpassed all other areas in quality, quantity, and diversity.

The Love Nest: Doublets - The Great Pretenders

A doublet is a pretender, an assembled stone comprised of a top and a bottom, with an adhesive in the middle to fuse them together. The most commonly seen doublets today are opals, using an opal front and a black onyx backing to make the stone seem darker and more lively. Looking at the stone from the side will reveal the layers. If the stone is mounted and the mounting obstructs the sides of the opal, it is extremely difficult to positively identify a doublet. Triplets include the additional layer of glass or clear colorless quartz cap, a dome on top, to protect and add dimension.

Vintage Jewelry Showcase: When Gemologists Disagree

When you sell genuine gemstone jewelry, accurate descriptions are incredibly important, especially if the item you’re selling is a high priced piece. Getting a written appraisal from a certified and accredited gemologist is always a worthwhile investment and should guarantee a smooth sale when the time comes as appraisals increase buyer confidence in both the item and the seller. But what do you do when gemologists disagree?

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