The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry: Pietra Dura - Vintage Jewelry Word of the Month

Pietra Dura - Vintage Jewelry Word of the Month

I have a fondness for all types of mosaic jewelry. The tiny tiles that tell a tale just really appeal to the romantic in me, but none perhaps as much as that form of mosaic jewelry which is referred to as Pietra Dura.

Vintage Jewelry Showcase: One of the Best Ways to Sell Jewelry is to Wear it!!

One of the most respected and experienced members of our Jewel collecting group recently shared an interesting story with us. Seems she took a stroll down Rodeo Drive in Hollywood, and although she wouldn't or couldn't afford to buy any jewels there, she still enjoys looking through the shop windows. (Don't we all..  perchance to dream.!) Fall Fashion Trends in Jewelry Design

At we strive to stay on top of the jewelry trends. Although fall and winter seem so far off, we have researched the upcoming trends so designers can get a head start on the latest fashions in beaded jewelry.

Sundancegems: Bead Addiction - is there such a condition?

Every Thursday is art appreciation day at my workplace (yes, the job that pays the mortgage!) and the featured artist last week was Ando Hiroshige and the picture “Rough Sea at Naruto in Awa Province”. It was a striking print of a churning sea, foaming waves crashing on the steep cliffs and all I could think of was Aqua Terra Jasper! That’s when I thought I have a serious case of “beads on the brain”!

Ando Hiroshige

Island Vintage Jewelry: Collecting Vintage Jewelry

So you have been rolling around the idea of starting your own collection of vintage jewelry and why wouldn't you. The choices and options are practically limitless and just browse through any lady's magazine, everything vintage including jewelry is fashionable again!

Only a few years back, collecting was done by luck and by chance with most searching limited to local auctions, flea markets and yard sales. With the addition of online shopping, you can now shop far and wide and nearly anywhere in the world all the while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

A Return to Splendor: Photographing Jewelry 1: Macro Mode

For those of us who sell on the internet our pictures are our best salesperson. People naturally look at photographs before even reading the text description so the better your photographs are the better your chance to make a sale.

I have been using digital cameras for almost 20 years and have learned that shooting smalls, especially jewelry, can be challenging. I have done professional photography for a large local auction house and jewelry and smalls are among the most difficult items to photograph.

Adin Jewelry: How Art Deco Got It's Name

One of the major design events of the 1920s, if not the most important, was "L'exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes", which is French for "The International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts." This World's fair was held in Paris, France from April to October 1925.

Glitterbugs: Think Outside the Jewelry Box

I've read many blogs dealing with the question of diversification. My response - a most emphatic YES! When I started out all I ever purchased was jewelry. My eyes were focused on bling - hence my shop name Glitterbugs. Then I discovered two facts. First, beautiful costume pieces in good condition were getting harder to come by and second, there were so many other great items that would be perfect to add to my shop.

Synergy Jewelry and Collectibles: Go Vintage and Go Green!

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious with an emphasis on greener living. Stores offer re-usable shopping bags in fun colors; services to refill an ink cartridge; and the availability of more earth friendly products. Even schools have Reduce, Reuse and Recycle sales to pass along books and clothing that can benefit others.

The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry : The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond - Huge Blue Gemstone with a Long and Fascinating History

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