The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry: Nielloware Vintage Jewelry and History

The term Niello is used to refer to a method of decorating metal objects, using engraving techniques. In this technique, silver, copper, sulfur or lead are rubbed into an indented pattern in the metal and then the whole object is fired. When the finished product is polished, darkened areas remain which cause a decorative effect. This technique is often used in Siam Sterling jewelry or Thailand Sterling jewelry, and there is a whole collecting area of vintage jewelry referred to as Siam Sterling Nielloware. Here is a lovely example of a Nielloware demi-parure:


Kat's Trinkets: Broken Jewelry, Eyeglasses, and a Loupe

I wear reading glasses. Sometimes I don't remember to carry them with me. This is a major downfall of mine. Oftentimes, I find a wonderful piece of jewelry. I check it over and would swear that it has all it's stones and pieces only to find, when I get it home and put my reading glasses on, that there are stones missing or parts broken on my wonderful find. I always resolve to make sure I have my reading glasses with me the next time, only to find that I have forgotten them once again.

Finishing Touch Jewelry: Famous Rubies -The DeLong Star Ruby

Since last month was July, and the ruby is the gemstone for that month, I thought it would be intertesting to write about a particuarly famous ruby - The DeLong Star Ruby.

This fabulous Ruby, which is over 100 carats, was discovered in the Moguk mines of Burma, in the early part of the 20th century. It is one of the largest and finest star rubies in the world, second only to the Rosser Reeves Star Ruby.

Heritage Heirlooms: Vintage Time Telling - Part I


I never thought we would see a day when a simple wrist watch would seem an oddity! Today many people refer to their cell phones to see what time it is and fewer people are wearing wrist watches.

The photos below are of a very special gift that I personally own. This gift was the beginning of my strong interest in the vast world of pocket watch collecting!



Cinsababe's: Is it Ivory?

I can’t tell you how many times I have read the following on well-intentioned websites: Heat a needle until it is extremely hot, and then touch the needle against the object you are testing. A hot needle will pass right into plastic. A hot needle can not penetrate real ivory. Please do not subject your beautiful jewelry and collectibles to this destructive test.

The Jewelry Diva: Agate Jewelry

Treasures of the Earth & Semi-Precious "Gems"

Agates can be found all over the world, one of Nature's Treasures "no two Agates are alike. When you buy a piece of agate jewelry, you know that you will never see the identical piece anywhere! Agates have been found in the United States, Africa, Asia, Brazil Egypt, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, and Nepal. The most famous areas where agate is mined in Scotland and Idar-Oberstein in Germany. In Germany, there are records that agate has been mined since 1548.

Adin: A Truly Magnificant Baroque Jewel

A cameo that is cut in such a meticulous and skill full way that we just couldn't stop looking at it; every time we discovered something new to gaze at. If you want to know if a cameo is of good quality you don't look at the flyaway veiles and voiles or curly hairstyles. You don't because those give the artist the liberty to make it as he wants. No, one has to look at the faces and hands and when those are realistic then the artist is good. With this cameo, although the faces are really small (and therefore harder to make realistic) they are not just good, they are terrific and showing the hand of a true master engraver.

The artist took his inspiration from a ceiling fresco by Guido Reni, done in 1613-1614. This fresco can be found in a palace in Rome - The Palazzo Pallavicini-Rospigliosi - built by the Borghese family on the Quirinal Hill. It depicts Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn as she leads the sun god Apollo on his chariot and surrounded by the Horae, in bringing daylight into the world. We added a picture of the original fresco. Guido Reni (1575-1642) was an Italian painter, draughtsman and etcher. He was one of the greatest and most influential of the 17th-century Italian painters, whose sophisticated and complex art dominated the Bolognese school. An artist deeply influenced by Greco-Roman art and by Raphael.

The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry: Amber Jewelry - A Little Bit of Nature in Jewelry

Is amber a considered gemstone?

With its rich honey yellow color and laden with inclusions, bugs, twigs and bits of other debris, amber can more accurately be considered a piece of geology used in jewelry than a gemstone per se. Amber is a very light stone, which is actually a solidified and fossilized resin of the now extinct conifer trees.

Island Vintage Jewelry: Chunky Bakelite Bangle Bracelets

Funny how when you start a collection of any particular style of vintage jewelry, you think that you have made the decision of what to collect but sometimes things happen that make you stop and wonder. For me, that happened when I ended up with all this Bakelite. You see, collecting Bakelite bangles was not a conscious decision I made - these colorful and chunky bracelets chose me!

Island Vintage Jewelry: The Great "Find"

We've all heard about that "amazing" find for next to nothing at yard sales or flea markets but when it comes to finding beautiful vintage Sherman jewelry at ridiculously low prices, my Mom has to be the champion!

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