The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry: Pewter Jewelry - The Tarnish Free Metal with Style

I am a huge fan of pewter jewelry. It is a wonderful material that gives the appearance of a silver look but without the headache of the tarnish that occurs with silver when it is exposed to air and moisture. Also, pewter has a very "earthy" feel to it that I like. I remember a particular gift that I was given by good friends when I was leaving college. It was a Jonathan Livingston Seagull pendant in pewter. I still wear it and it gives me some lovely, nostalgic memories.

Falls Avenue Collectibles: Fake Haskell Bangles

I just love a good old-fashioned flea market! We have a large one nearby and I always look forward to my Sunday jaunts. Being centrally located in Canada and also a border city to Niagara Falls, NY I am never surprised at the variety of items that find their way to our rural flea market. Thankfully, there is no way a fake could end up here since those are usually sold at more sophisticated venues where a buyer is likely to pay more money and in this area people are quite frugal.

Island Vintage Jewelry: Thermoset Plastic Jewelry

By far one of the most underrated styles of vintage jewelry readily available today are the brightly colored thermoset plastic pieces. This wonderful vintage jewelry was popular back in the 1950's and featured the most colorful and glossy moulded plastic inserts. Although mass produced, each piece was securely glued into place on rhodium or gold plated backings which made it possible to create a near limitless array of designs.

Cinsababe's: A Need to Know

One of my husband’s favorite replies when asked what he does with military satellites is “I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.” The term "need to know," is used by the military to describe limited access of sensitive data. With need-to-know restrictions, even if you have a top security clearance, unless you have a specific “need to know” your access to certain information is denied.

Vintage Jewelry Showcase: The Agony & The Ecstasy of Being Hopelessly Addicted!

”Has the postman been yet?” That’s me asking my husband if any of my latest jewelry purchases have arrived today. I’m quite crestfallen when he tells me the only thing that came was an electricity bill or flyers for take-out pizza. Doesn’t my postie know that it’s my jewelry I’m waiting for and not that stuff? Now I have to wait another 24 hours to see if he brings me anything tomorrow. Oh the agony of waiting for my latest fix!

Falls Avenue Collectibles: The Signature Wars

Somewhere online, at a collectibles shop or even in a tea room there rages a debate over unsigned jewelry. While the vast majority of costume jewelry is beautiful - even wondrous at times - at some point, we became more interested in who made it than in the actual piece. It is reasonable to assume that when the great 20th century designers produced their jewelry they could never have imagined the collector's frenzy today.

Love and Honor: A Passing Fad of the 1830's

A little over a year ago I purchased this sweet woven bead necklace. I have been collecting the loomed beaded Victorian necklaces for a while...the ones that date to the 1880s to early 1900s. At the time I purchased this necklace...I just assumed that it was from the same time period but just a different style. Apparently I was not alone in my assumption. Often these are misidentified as American Indian or late Victorian.

A Return to Splendor: Photographing Silver Objects

One of the trickiest things to photograph are silver objects. Since silver is extremely reflective it acts like a mirror and your pictures show the camera, your hands, and whatever is behind you.

For example here’s a photograph of a sterling silver bracelet. You see both the camera and my fingers being reflected in the bracelet. The problem gets even bigger when you are photographing larger objects such as silver teapots or trays.

A Return to Splendor: Photographing Jewelry - Light it Up!

A Return To Splendor – Photographing Jewelry: Light It Up!

You have a beautiful object to sell. You believe it’s going to command a good price. You spend a lot of time taking pictures of it from various angles. You’re excited. However when you look at the pictures you took something doesn’t quite look right. The colors are off. What you saw with your eyes isn’t what you’re seeing in your pictures.

What happened?

This is a common problem in photography and it’s known as White Balance.

Vintage Jewelry Showcase: Animal Jewelry - Swan Song, Cat's Meow, Lion's Roar

I’ve always been a dog lover though my friends think my taste in jewelry is better than my taste in dogs. My elder daughter has always loved dolphins, perhaps because as a one-time competitive swimmer, her dream was to swim with them (and yes, she did do that on a vacation in Cuba one year). My best friend, on the other hand, is mad for cats. She has four of them at any given time and I have to load up on antihistamines every time I go to visit her. Then there’s my 6-year-old grand-daughter who wants, chatters and acts like a monkey 24/7!

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