Eternal Fine Jewels: Inexpensive & Practical Ways to Organize And Store Your Jewellery

There are so many great shows on T.V. that focus on organizing your space and de-cluttering your home. These same principles can certainly apply to the way your jewellery is stored and organized.

Antique Masterpieces: Antique Jewelry Buying Advice

My mother may not be Einstein, but she always did have a stockpile of good solid advice. One bit of advice that has worked for me across the board in my antiques hunting has been a simple directive: "Ask. The worst they can say is 'No'."

Synergy Jewelry: Charmed I'm Sure!

The lure of charm bracelets is timeless! Definitely a quintessential feminine collectible, the cache of twinkling charms tells the unique and very interesting story of the wearer and what is near and dear to her heart.

Funky Stones: Patience Is Key

Here’s an interesting story I’d like to share with you. It was like an endurance test that was sort of funny in a way. I am a new seller on Ruby Lane. I started in mid May 2009; I didn’t have much jewelry in my shop when I had my very first on-line experience with a customer. There was a woman that seemed very interested in my jewelry. It all started out by her emailing me one day, complimenting me on my jewelry. That was day one.

Love and Honor: Giving Cash for Gold - Melting Away our History

A new found friend and I were talking. She brought up the fact that the companies that are offering cash for gold are also melting away many families’ histories. When our economy goes into a slump, you see these commercials and ads pop up everywhere. The bad economy just fuels the fire.

Island Vintage Jewelry: Sherman Cuff Bracelets

As a collector of Sherman rhinestones, I know that no other piece of this sensational vintage jewelry will make a collector's heart race more than when handling one of these rare and highly desirable hinged cuff bracelets.

Sundance Gems: LAPIS LAZULI - The Other September Birthstone

We all know that Sapphires are the traditional birthstone for those born in September. But did you know that Lapis Lazuli is one of the gemstones for those born under the Zodiac sign Libra (September 23 to October 22) and is therefore considered the alternate birthstone for September? Lapis Lazuli is one of Mother’s Earth’s magnificent gifts and is one of my favorite stones.

Adin: Archaeological-revival Necklace - Fontenay

This magnificent archaeological-revival necklace is a true museum piece.The continuous uniform fringe decorated with beads, wirework and florettes of this necklace is typical for the work of Eugène Fontenay. A demi-parure of very similar design is illustrated in French Jewelry of the Nineteenth Century, Henri Vever, translated by Katherine Purcell, p. 643. and a similar necklace plus matching earrings were sold last year at Sotheby's for $ 52,000!

The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry: Vintage Jewelry Word of the Day - Abalone

Today's vintage jewelry word - Abalone - Wearable Treasures from the Sea

Abalone is a word which refers to the "pearly" interior shell-lining of a mollusk with the same name. Many times, it is used as inlay - often seen as strips in bracelets and other types of vintage jewelry. There are a wide variety of shades of abalone, but the shade that is most prized is the small "green heart" abalone. This lustrous mollusk shell lining is made of alternating layers of calcium carbonate and conchiolin. Abalone is considered by many to be in the same family as mother of pearl.

Island Vintage Jewelry: Matching Jewelry Online

Collecting costume jewelry has been a passion of mine for many years and over time, I have acquired a lovely collection. In those early days, my only sources for finding pieces were local auctions, flea markets, antique shops and yard sales. Knowing that the chances of finding a match later was next to impossible, my main focus was on purchasing sets. Even while keeping this in mind, every now and then I would find a lone piece that I just couldn't resist.

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