Peridot: The Other Green Gemstone

Most collectors of jewelry know about emeralds. When one says green gemstone, an emerald is the one that comes to mind. But Peridot is another green gemstone worthy of note. Peridot is a gemstone which comes from the mineral olivine. It is considered to be a gemstone for August and is also associated with the Zodiac sign of Libra. Many people also give peridot as a gift for 3rd or 16th wedding anniversaries.

Preserving the History and Condition of Antiques

Re-searching... Learning.. Studying the past to help preserve and inform for the future. This has been on my mind lately as I'm sure with every collector and dealer from time to time. Whether it's items in my own collection or pieces that I am about to offer up to my clients on Ruby Lane it's an important topic to think about.

Belly dancing: An Ancient Art

Dancing has been a part of human civilization since the beginning of time and is incorporated in many social events. Dancing can be an expression of celebration, mourning, love, and even lust. It is a way for people to express their emotions and feelings when words seem to fail them.

Another Look at Birthstones

Like all Ruby Lane dealers, I receive several promotional e-mails each month. Like many Ruby Lane dealers, I often file them, unread. In the case of the “Monthly Birthstone” notices, my justification has been that I already know about birthstones, I’m too busy to look at it right now, and I can always get back to it, since I’m filing as opposed to deleting the e-mail. Lately it has occurred to me that there may be more value to these briefs than is apparent at first glance.

You never know how far ripples will reach ...

My enchantment with high tea started many years ago, I do not recall the exact incident! It could have been a lovely tea set that charmed me; something viewed in a movie or read in the pages of a romantic novel!

My interest advanced as I collected pretty tea related items: dainty bone chine teacups, lace edged napkins, floral plates, miniature creamer and sugar bowl sets, and with all my pretties, I was prepared for high tea regal enough to entertain a princess! Eventually, I had a daughter, my own little princess; she and I happily celebrated tea with a teddy bear or two and several doll guests. As my daughter grew, her young playmates joined the tea parties… those were happy times!

Summertime Tips for Summertime Glitz

Some girls will always go for the latest fad, the newest accessory, today’s trend. And then there are those of us who will always prefer vintage. But let’s face it, a lot of vintage accessories are heavy, bulky and hot for summertime—so here are some tips for wearing vintage for summer:

McClelland Barclay - Part 2: Illustrator, Artist, Jewelry Designer and Patriot

In this blog Jacqueline Rehmann and I continue our conversation about jewelry designer McClelland Barclay, a talented artist, illustrator and jewelry designer who gave his life in service to America.

Sautoir Necklaces

A sautoir necklace (pronounced so-twore) is a very long necklace, often made of beads, pearls or chains. The distinctive trait of a sautoir design is that it has a dangle, or wrap design which traditionally ends in tassels, although this is not a necessary part of the design. Sautoir is a French term which means "jump rope." One can easily see why it is applied to this necklace style. The length is often longer than opera length.

McClelland Barclay: Illustrator, Artist, Jewelry Designer and Patriot

Recently costume jewelry collector, expert and author Jacqueline Rehmann and I had the opportunity to discuss a unique designer whose Art Deco jewelry pieces are rare in today’s market—McClelland Barclay.


Dress Clips

During the Victorian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods, women used dress clips to hold clothing in place. There were many styles used, but one common one was a dress clip. If you look at vintage jewelry online, you may note that many online retailers use the word dress clip and fur clip interchangeably, but these were actually two completely different styles of clips. The difference is in the intended use and the type of clip on the back.

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