The Finishing Touch - Vintage Jewelry: Butterfly Wing Jewelry - Nature as Accessories

Jewelry which is made from insects dates back to ancient times, but one style which has remained popular until today is butterfly wing jewelry. The technique became notable during the British Empire Exhibition of 1924, when Thomas Mott's butterfly wing jewelry exhibit was credited with making butterfly jewelry a fashion rage.

Vintage Jewelry Showcase: Rubies and Sapphires - Their Hidden Secrets!

If you visit the fine jewelry shops  on Ruby Lane and other sites on the internet, you'll probably find numerous sellers carrying some, if not quite a bit of Ruby and Sapphire jewelry. Why? Well, they are beautiful gems that most people generally find attractive and appealing, and in good quality, these dazzling gems are highly collectible. However, buying corundum can be confusing, exciting, worrisome and sometimes laborious. What is a 'fine' ruby? What is the 'best' blue? These questions have one simple answer: How do YOU see or feel about your stone?

Cinsababe's: Are You a Julie or a Julia?

The successful film Julie & Julia was fun to watch but left us all asking the question “Why didn’t Julia like Julie’s blog?” Julia Child, the ultimate foodie, simply said that she didn’t think Julie Powell was serious and that the project was more of stunt. Others who knew Julia elaborated saying that Julie Powell’s blog seemed to be more about the process and not at all about the food, that she didn’t describe the food, that she didn’t detail how it tasted, how it looked, how it felt.

Kat's Trinkets: New vrs. Vintage

I was "chatting" with a customer recently about Vintage jewelry.  And we were lamenting about the new jewelry.  Oh I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with new costume jewelry, but there are some areas of concern. 

A Return to Splendor: Photographing Clear Rhinestones

There you are…holding a gorgeous piece of clear rhinestone jewelry that just sparkles like the dickens and has fabulous fire that shoots prisms of color everyone. You just know this is going to be a good sale – especially with the holiday season right around the corner.

Aden: It was a moonlit night....

Once upon a moonlit night
Two hearts blended
Love surrendered
With embracing arms

(borrowed from a song by Frank Sinatra)

Sundancegems: The Ruby Zoisite Shrub?

In my yard there stands a 6’ tall shrub, which was covered with light purple flowers in late summer. Today these flowers have turned into clusters of dark red berries along almost every branch in the bush.

The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry: Celluloid Jewelry - The Lightweight Vintage Plastic

Celluloid is a highly flammable early vintage plastic which contains camphor. It is very lightweight and was later discontinued in favor of heavier more durable forms of plastic. Celluloid was one of the first plastics to be widely used in making jewelry.

The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry: A Quick Guide to the Dating of Antique and Vintage Jewelry

With the advent of so many individuals selling vintage jewelry online, there is a huge amount of either deception, at worst, or misinformation, at best, in the description of the age of the pieces being sold. I can't tell you how many times I've seen pieces described at being Early Victorian (1837 - 1850) which have locking C clasps that were invented in 1901. It is definitely the age of buyer beware when it comes to purchashing online, but where does one start?

The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry: Solje - The Traditional Jewelry of Norway

Solje is a style of jewelry which is considered the traditional national jewelry of the Scandinavian country Norway. The jewelry normally consists of a setting of sterling silver, or 800 silver, from which hang small round or oval tear shaped "spoons" in either silver or gold metal. The background piece will often have an interesting design, such as a crown top, or a scalloped edge design.

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