A Return to Splendor: Display it with Style

When selling vintage jewelry it’s a good idea to have a variety of jewelry stands and displays on hand to help you photograph your items. Too often sellers toss a piece of jewelry on the kitchen counter or desktop, take a picture, and are done with it. While that is an easy route to take a little more effort and investment in stands and displays will take your pictures to a higher level.

Love and Honor: Fly by Night - Comet Pins

Gazing at a star filled night reminds me of antique comet pins. From the dawn of time, people have been fascinated with the heavens. The Georgians and Victorians were no exception to this. They were quite enamored by Halley's comet and commemorated it’s return by fashioning many comet related items. Comet pins being the most fashionable and prized! As a collector of antique jewelry, I too am fascinated with these beautiful pins!

The Finishing Touch - Vintage Jewelry: Topaz - The Honey Colored Gemstone

When one thinks of topaz, a warm honey color comes to mind, but the gemstone also occurs in many colors in nature, including red, blue, violet and green. This lovely stone (as well as the gemstone citrine) is considered the gemstone for the month of November. It is also given as a gift for the 16th wedding anniversary, and is attributed to the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Collecting Christmas Jewelry

Christmas Jewelry is one of the most collectible categories in the fashion jewelry field. A great variety of jewelry makers and designers have work in this area, and some of the best known have Christmas Trees, Reindeer or Santas bearing their names. There are also thousands and thousands of unsigned pieces of all qualities available, many of which will never be accurately identified.

The Finishing Touch - Vintage Jewelry - Removing Rhinestones from Vintage Jewelry

I love to mess with jewelry. Sorting, cleaning and doing simple repairs of jewelry gives me hours and hours of pleasure and it a great stress reliever for me. I've often heard this referred to as "jewelry therapy," and this name seems so apt and appropriate to me. Alas, my eyes are older now, so I'm not able to do much in the way of repair, but I can still manage to replace the odd stone or two.

Vintage Jewelry Showcase: "In the Swim" with Aquamarine

My daughter, and partner at Ruby Lane, has always had a passion for diamonds and beautiful gemstones. Some years back she began studying them and purchasing all kinds of stones that I’d never even heard of. As she showed us her acquisitions, one caught my eye. It was super clear and of such a beautiful pale green/blue color that I immediately thought of tropical seas under sunlight. I’d discovered aquamarine.

Island Vintage Jewelry: Tips for Caring for Vintage Jewelry

Many of the following tips on how to treat your vintage jewelry may be old news to some of you but it never hurts to take a minute just to be certain that how you are caring for and storing your prized pieces will ensure their condition and value.

One tip that is easy to forget is to NEVER wear your costume jewelry or faux pearls while applying perfume, hairspray or lotions. It is equally as important not to wear this jewelry against skin with perfume or lotions since the metal could react to the chemicals causing it to tarnish.

Sundancegems: Sharing Made Easy

AS 2009 nears to an end and the holiday season begins our thoughts turn to loved ones, to gift buying and gift giving, and of course, to caring for those less fortunate. This is the time when charitable organizations raise funds for those under their care so that they too can have happy holidays. This year is proving to be very challenging to these organizations for reasons we all know too well.

A Return to Splendor: Grab Them with Great Gallery Photos

Never underestimate the power of a great gallery photo. With thousands of items for sale on Ruby Lane your gallery photo needs to grab a buyer’s attention immediately else they move on to the next item.

Many of us who sell on Ruby Lane also buy on Ruby Lane. While many shoppers do a keyword search for a specific item I simply enjoy looking at page after page to see what catches my eye. Many buyers shop this way.

The Finishing Touch - Vintage Jewelry: Guilloché Jewelry - The Art Form with Engine Turning as a Base

Many vintage jewelry collectors refer to guilloché (pronounced gee-oh-shay and commonly anglicized as gee-oshe) as a type of enameling. The term actually refers to the process of engine turning which creates the design which shows as through the enamel in the piece. Remember the old spirograph machines you may have used as a child? This will give you a feeling of the look of a guilloché piece.

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