Synergy Jewelry: Lockets a Gift of Love

The locket has been around for centuries, used to as a vessel to stow an item of value or a keepsake close to the owner’s heart such as hair, a photograph of beloved, powders or perfumes, even poisons. Lockets have been fashioned with many different metals through the years: brass, copper, gold and gold fill, sterling silver. Gold-filled lockets seem to be more common in the vintage market.

Gerlinda Studios - Setting up a Studio as a Disabled Person

All home work spaces need to be functional, of course, but when one lives in a wheelchair for the bulk of each day, unique considerations come into play. The addition of a modest budget dictates an arranged marriage between fun and frustration! Enter good friend with a hammer.

Yesterday's Glitz: The Hunt for Vintage Bakelite Jewelry

I’m a long time jewelry dealer: but I have a bit of a conflict. It’s my tendency to hang on to those wonderful whimsical novelty Bakelite pieces from the 1940s. Admittedly, I’ve paid some rather high prices for a few pieces in my collection: but part of the fun of collecting is finding Bakelite jewelry at bargain prices in unexpected places.

B.Bold Jewelry: Should We Copyright Our Jewelry Designs?

For years was a professor of Creative Writing. I still publish my poetry, although my focus has shifted to jewelry design.

When I was in graduate school, and we were just starting to publish poems, a classmate submitted a draft to workshop with a copyright sign at the bottom. Our teacher said, “What’s up? Do you think you are T.S. Eliot? (Teachers were tough in those days—more like wrestling coaches than teachers.) His point was that it was unnecessary for us to believe that anyone would want to steal our work. The implication was that we’d need to be as great as T.S. Eliot before we’d need to worry about it.

Island Vintage Jewelry: Aquamarine

The name Aquamarine comes from the Greek "Beryllos" and the Latin "Aqua Marine" meaning "Sea Water" and is considered to symbolize peace, hope, youth, foresight, courage and happiness. Known as March's birthstone, it is also the stone for the zodiac sign of Scorpio and can be given as a gem on the 16th and 19th wedding anniversary.

The Finishing Touch Vintage Jewelry: How to Set Rhinestones in Vintage Jewelry

Repairing rhinestone vintage jewelry is a task best left to those with lots of patience, a good stash of replacement stones, and in some cases, good eyesight! But, of all the tasks that one can encounter in the repair of vintage jewelry, replacing a stone is still one of the easier jobs to do. .Last month, I talked about removing rhinestones from vintage jewelry. Today, I will discuss actually re-setting the rhinestones.

Antique and Modern Jewelry - Countless Old Treasure up for Auction in Birmingham, UK - JAN 12

Those of you who collect antique jewelry are probably well aware that the UK is the place of choice to discover hard to find antique jewelry items that you just can't find here in the USA. With the rich Georgian and Victorian history in England, many fabulous pieces from these eras originate in the UK and often remain there.

Island Vintage Jewelry: Amethyst

The name Amethyst comes from the Latin word "Amethystus" or the Greek word "Amethustos" meaning "not drunken" and is considered to symbolize an understanding of death and rebirth and be a reliever of stress.

Known as February's birthstone, it is also the stone for the zodiac sign of Pisces and can be given as a gem on the 4th, 6th and 17th wedding anniversary.

Catseye Vintage Estate Collection: Vintage Mid-Century Multi-strand Beaded Necklaces

Recently I was browsing online jewelry offerings and noticed several multi-strand vintage beaded bib necklaces.  This started me wondering how many of us have been lucky enough to be given the contents of our mother or grandmother's costume jewelry box?

Island Vintage Jewelry: Garnet - Faith, Constancy, Truth

The name Garnet comes from the Latin "Granatus" meaning "seed-like" and is considered to symbolize faith, constancy and truth.  Known as January's birthstone, it is also the stone for the zodiac sign of Aquarius and can be given as a gem on the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary.

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