Prison Jewelry: Part 2

Author Jacqueline Rehmann and I have been discussing prison made jewelry in this month’s blogs. Jacqueline, I know that colorful toothbrushes were used to create rings, brooches, bracelets, cufflinks and more. I also know that some prisons provided supplies for inmates to purchase which makes it difficult to discern true prison made jewelry. I am also disturbed by a trend used by dealers to say that handmade celluloid photo rings and laminate jewelry pieces are “referred to as” or “called” prison jewelry as if this is just a name rather than an origin of the piece. So Jacqueline, where do we start in identifying prison made jewelry?

Prison Jewelry: Part 1

After reading a chapter on prison jewelry in Jacqueline Rehmann’s book, Classic American Jewelry Volume 2, I was diligent in my search to find a piece of this unique wire jewelry. I was very excited to find a bracelet that seemed to have the characteristics tucked away in a booth at a North Carolina antique mall.

What is a Vintage Jewelry Finding?

If you make or repair jewelry, and especially if you repurpose old vintage jewelry into new costume jewelry, you will probably use jewelry findings. But what are findings and where do you find genuine vintage jewelry findings?

What Does the Term Figural Mean In Vintage Jewelry?

Think fun. Think cute. Think animal. Think people. Think Jewelry. If you combine the last word with those that come before it, you might be thinking of a piece of figural jewelry.

How L.C. Tiffany Helped Me Recognize Cannetille Jewelry

I recently embarked on a quest to understand what Cannetille jewelry is and why it is different from Filigree jewelry. I had acquired a stunning sterling silver slide pendant on a chain and several jewelry dealers, representing decades of experience, identified it as Cannetille.

Collectible Vintage Plastic Costume Jewelry Part 2

Today I am continuing my discussion with costume jewelry expert and author Jacqueline Rehmann, digging deeper into identifying the vintage plastics used in costume jewelry. As a shop owner I want to be sure that I am correctly describing items that I am listing in our shop on Ruby Lane.

Trying to Find the Missing Jewelry Pieces

I have a "thing" for Earrings.  I just cannot help myself!  But in buying an abundance of earrings, I find myself always looking for the "other" pieces that match from a parure.  It's kind of a game I play with myself.  Like playing the old Concentration game from the 1960s and 1970s.  Looking behind each door and hoping for a match.  I've tried to Not purchase earrings every where I go, but I just cannot resist all the unique, unusual and pretty ones.  Unfortunately, I still have a hundred or more pairs of earrings awaiting their matching brooches, necklaces, and bracelets.

The Stick Pin: A Little Accessory With a Big Purpose

I have been collecting stick pins for some years now and have quite a few. I have always thought that they were delicate and pretty. People like them because they are unique and not seen much in fashion today.

Storing and Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry

I love sterling silver jewelry. Yes, it tarnishes, where gold jewelry does not, but this just adds to the appeal to me, especially since I like vintage jewelry more than new jewelry. The patina from sterling tarnish just adds to the look, in my opinion. To have your sterling jewelry continue to look good, though, there are some things you should do when it comes to both storage and cleaning.

Peridot: The Other Green Gemstone

Most collectors of jewelry know about emeralds. When one says green gemstone, an emerald is the one that comes to mind. But Peridot is another green gemstone worthy of note. Peridot is a gemstone which comes from the mineral olivine. It is considered to be a gemstone for August and is also associated with the Zodiac sign of Libra. Many people also give peridot as a gift for 3rd or 16th wedding anniversaries.

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