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Symbols in Native American Jewelry

Native American jewelry is full of symbols and choosing well can make a gift special and incredibly meaningful. From Navajo expert silversmithing to Zuni intricate stone inlay, fetishes and petit point to Hopi stark sterling overlay to Apache or Cherokee bead work and more each piece is crafted with beauty and meaning. Squash blossoms are the symbol of courtship and love—a great Valentine or Wedding gift and the gift my husband gave me for our Anniversary. A lizard is symbolic of lovers coming together—a very romantic gift indeed. An arrowhead is the symbol for adventure, what an exciting thought when given as a gift to your significant other.

Feathers represent healing and the eagle is the carrier of prayers to heaven, items with these would be especially appropriate as a get well wish. A spiral shows the flight of the eagle—getting higher and stronger—a caring, thoughtful way to encourage someone going through a tough time.

Far Fetched Fascination

My love affair began innocently enough. An interesting brooch caught my eye at an estate sale—a lady’s head and shoulders topped with a large brim hat and holding flower blooms. It was both modern and retro in appearance, substantial and well-made, and the use of mixed materials--sterling silver, brass and copper--made for a lovely color combination.

I’d never seen anything like it so I researched the hallmark, simply ‘Far Fetched’ with a heart and a copyright symbol and found their website. I contacted Customer Service to inquire about my new-found treasure and received a friendly reply informing me that this brooch is a retired piece from 2001. It is handmade, was designed in California and made in Taxco, Mexico by artisans working in a cottage industry setting. Their jewelry is fair trade. And there were also earrings that matched. I was hooked.

The Importance of Hallmarks on Jewelry

It can often be hard to establish the age and origin of many jewelry items. Many pieces of jewelry contain marks that may give clues about these matters.


The Story Behind The Cameo

For those of you that appreciate old antique and vintage things have you ever held a coin, checked out the date and said wow this coin is XX years old? Your mind will drift to how many hands it's passed through during it's decades and what it's been used to purchase necessities, frivolous items etc.

My mind wanders in a similar way when I hold a piece of antique jewelry, particularly cameos. I wonder if it was a commissioned piece. Was a gift for a special occasion? How many hands generations, family members has it been passed down too. Cameos aren't just your classic profile- Although trust me I have many wonderful examples of beautiful lady profiles in my collection. One that is even a special commissioned portrait!

Dating Jewelry - Some Helpful Hints for Determining Age

Vintage and antique jewelry can be hard to date accurately. Certain styles have been produced, perhaps with some minor variation, over long periods of time. We are aware of manufacturers that use metal dies in ring production that actually date back to the 19th Century. However, a careful examination may reveal some hints.

What is it made from?

Rings with Romantic Sentiments: Dearest and Regard Rings

The Victorian period was all about love and romance. When Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert, the jewelry of the times mirrored their romance and most jewelry of the time has a very strong romantic appeal to it. Two types of rings from this period reflect this romantic feel very well: The Dearest Ring, and the Regard Ring.


Volupté: Compacts, Cigarette Cases, Purses and Limited Jewelry Lines

My main interest is and always will be estate vintage jewelry. Most of my offerings in my shop are from well known designers who are familiar to most collectors of vintage and antique jewelry. I just love it when I come across something in an estate which I have to research because it is from a designer who is not one with whom I am familiar. It helps me to learn and keeps my interest in the collecting area.

White Gold is Not Antique

You may encounter white gold jewelry described as Antique, or sometimes even dated to the late 19th century. Some dealers may use the term Antique indiscriminately, but it should only be used to describe an item that is at least 100 years old. While it is often difficult to establish a specific date for many jewelry items, the use of white gold gives some clear dating information.

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