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Five Ways To Prepare Your Shop For The Holidays

When I first opened B.BOLD Jewelry for Boomer Girls in 2008, it was October. I was completely unprepared for the Holiday season ahead and had no idea that the days after Thanksgiving would be the busiest time of year in my shop. As a result, my first season was disorganized and stressful. I felt as if I were groping around in the dark. Since then, I’ve learned a few things about how to prepare. Here are a few ideas.

1) Make sure that your inventory is organized and labeled. I use plastic freezer bags I can write on with a sharpie. Each bag has the inventory number in order with the item of jewelry inside. Air-tight sealed plastic bags are a great way to keep jewelry looking shiny and new. All of the bags are filed in a row, in two banker’s boxes (those long, skinny cardboard file boxes).

The Colors of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a widely used alternate birthstone for the month of October. Tourmaline is a gem that is available in a fantastic range of colors, so it is an appropriate substitute for Opal, a stone which is known to display a play of colors.

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Dating Trifari Jelly Bellies

I absolutely love it when my grandmother decides to hand down her jewelry to us grand kids. It is like looking through buried treasure and you never know what you may find.

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Mystic Stones Are Not Vintage

There are some treated gems widely available in contemporary jewelry, identified as “Mystic” gems. These stones have an appearance somewhat similar to the Aurora Borealis coated stones developed in the 1950s.

While most Aurora Borealis treatments were done on glass beads after Swarovski developed the process, the new “Mystic” treatments are often done on genuine stone, with colorless Topaz being one of the first marketed varieties.

Smoky "Topaz": A Common Gemstone Identification Error

Quartz occurs in a rainbow of colors. Pale beige, tan, and brown shades of Quartz may be called Smoky Quartz, or Smokey Quartz. A very dark variety of the material, from the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland may be referred to as Cairngorm.

The Importance of Manufacturers’ Marks on Jewelry

A few weeks ago, we commented on the importance of true hallmarks on jewelry items. In addition to assay related hallmarks, and often in the absence of true hallmarks, any other identifying marks placed on an item by a manufacturer may be helpful in identifying and dating an item.

The Beauty and Value of Diamonds

Diamonds, in addition to being the traditional birthstone for April, are the most coveted gems in the world. While there are colored gemstones that are rarer, and ones that are just as costly as fine Diamonds, no gem is perceived as being as desirable as a Diamond.

Gemstones are judged and valued based on three traditional criteria: beauty, rarity, and durability.

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