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The Magic of Pinterest - Part 2

So you have realized Pinterest really is important and you have made a mental note to find the time (somewhere between the hundred other things you need to do a day) to start pinning!

The key marketing aim for us as shop owners is to both enhance general traffic to our store (even if those visitors are just popping in to select images to pin) as this extra traffic will help your Google ranking tremendously. In addition we want to help our items reach those specific collectors who are active on Pinterest (of which there are many).

Remake This Room on Ruby Lane - A Writers Corner

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"


1.) Ship In A Bottle, $140, click here. 2.) 1911 Royal No.5 Typewriter, $900, click here. 3.) Art Deco Goose-Neck Desk Light Embossed, $100, click here. 4.) Red and Black Sleek Wooden Dip Pen, $75, click here. 5.) Commentaries on the Laws of England by William Blackstone, 1791, $495, click here.

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Remake This Room on Ruby Lane - Baby Love

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) ca.1890 Early Iron & Orig. Cloth Rocking Cradle, $887, click here. 2.) Nicely Carved Painted French Armoire, $6,000, click here. 3.) Antique French Walnut Victorian Arm Chair, $485, click here. 4.) Antique French Ebeniste's Apprentice Work, Miniature Chest, $336, click here.


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A New Trend in Selling?

 Weekends here in western New York are often spent on the road as I go on my hunt for treasures for my customers. Lately I have noted a couple of trends which I would like to share with you.

Remake This Room on Ruby Lane - Vintage Kitchen Hutch

"The Inspiration"

photo credit

"The Remake"

1.) Antique 18C French Country China Hutch Bookcase, $4675, click here. 2.) Venetian Murano Glass Chandelier, $5400, click here. 3.) 19th Century French Mannequin Petite Dress Form, $325, click here. 4.) Vintage 3pc. Winterling Roslau Bavaria Courting Couple Gold Trim China Set, $50, click here. 5.) American still life painting of roses circa 1900, $395, click here.

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Remake this Look on Ruby Lane - 1920s Vintage Flapper

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) Exceptional 1920's Gold Lame Beaded Dress - Great Sz, $1800, click here. 2.) Flapper Era Beaded Fringe Silk Crepe Dress 1920s, $295, click here 3.) Boho Elegant Rare Hattie Carnegie Fringed Earrings with Victorian Flair, $325, click here. 4.) Great Gatsby Era Flapper's Cloche circa 1924 Stands Out as One of the Finest Examples of Early Cloche Styles, $475, click here. 5.) Heavy Estate 18K Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl Long Flapper Necklace, $8588. click here.


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The Adventures of Flea Marketing

Let me declare, that I am a passionate collector! (as I’m sure most online sellers are!) Not many things excite me more than the opportunity to poke around a flea market because you never know what treasures, bargains, needs, wants or fripperies are waiting to be discovered!

Ruby Lane 15-year Anniversary Contest for August

Ruby Lane's 15-year anniversary! Ruby Lane is celebrating its 15th year in business. New contest for August! Enter the contest by Writing a Funny Caption for the PHOTO above!

Do Not put your answer in the comments section of the Facebook Announcement or the Blog (see below) - you must enter the contest from the contest page in order for your entry to count. Or enter here:

Making the Search Engines Work

Many shoppers search on Ruby Lane for quality items. Buyers often search for a specific item to replace one that is broken or to complete a set. Many shoppers also find our items through a Google search. Writing a title for an item is similar to writing a headline. Use key words to capture the reader’s attention as you describe an item.

The Magic of Pinterest: It Nearly Tripled My Shop's Traffic

I am not the first to blog about this nor will I or should I be the last. If you aren't actively using Pinterest you aught to start taking it seriously. Pinterest is for us!

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