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How Exxon Got Its Name

I find trivia to be an intriguing look back to the past. When I am researching something I have for my shop, and I run across an interesting bit of trivia about the items designer or construction, I will often include it at the bottom of my listing to help the collector realize another important aspect of the treasure they are about to purchase.

Dynamite Descriptions

Whether you’re casually window shopping or on an urgent mission for a specific piece, item presentation can provide ease and enjoyment or discouragement and frustration in your search.

Your item description is a major part of your overall presentation.  Compare an overly lengthy description to crowds at a chaotic sale  - you don’t want to fight through those crowds, or read through those descriptions, only to come away disappointed and empty-handed!

A Friday Country Auction

I attended and worked at a country auction on a recent Friday. I helped set up for the auction food stand, delivered items and made a crock pot of chili. Over 75 people attended the sale on a lovely sunny day outside of town. We raised money for a charity.

Remake this Look on Ruby Lane - Vintage Fashion Icon - Grace Kelly

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) Vintage dress 1950s evening cocktail bombshell, $98, Click here. 2.) Sleek Black Leather Gucci Stiletto Pumps Size 9B, $75, click here. 3.) Art Deco 14K White Gold Filigree Diamond Bracelet, $1, 125, click here. 4.) Wonderful Art Deco Diamond Earrings, $4,450, click here.

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Rinker's Opinion: Causes of Loss of Popularity in a Collecting Category

What are the most common causes involved when a collectible collecting category loses popularity?

 For the sake of argument only within this blog, I am defining collectibles as objects made after 1945.  This is a much broader definition than the one I normally use – a collectible is any object made between 1963 and 1980.

Remake This Room on Ruby Lane - Farmhouse Kitchen

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"


1.) Shabby Chic White Chair Chippy Cottage Delight, $125, click here. 2.) Small Royal Albert Butter Plate with Roses, "Cotswold" Pattern, $9, click here. 3.) Enamelware Tea Kettle Trimmed in Black With Wooden Handle, $42, click here. 4.) Gaudy Welsh tulip small plates (set of 4), $78, click here. 5.) 1950's Kitchen Tea Time Vintage Apron Great Colors, $18, click here.


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Buying Antiques and Collectibles at Auction

If you collect and/or have a passion for antiques you have probably attended or have considered attending an antique auction. Most sellers and many collectors attend auctions regularly and enjoy the chance to interchange with other people that also have a passion for antiques.

If you have never bid at an auction before; take a little time to prepare, plan and practice before you proceed. Keep in mind that auctions can become an emotional experience without some realistic planning. It is best to set an amount that you are willing to spend for an item to avoid overspending at an auction.

Use the USPS Recent Rate Change to Best Advantage

Recent changes the U. S. Postal Service made to its Priority shipping services have caused a significant impact on my business.

USPS is my preferred shipper. In more than 15 years I have found them reliable and responsible. Maybe I’m lucky, but I can count lost packages and insurance claims on less than the fingers of one hand. If I’ve had a problem, assistance has been fast and nearly always effective. The free packaging supplies have made a positive difference in my packaging costs.

Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

Life has gotten in my way of maintaining my shop. Consequently, I have not been selling much. So when I recently received a notice of a purchase order, I jumped with glee.

I sent a note thanking the buyer for her purchase. I promised her I'd get the package ready to send out as soon as possible. I searched in the storeroom like a mother searching for her lost chick and delighted when I found the beauty.

It Is Time to Think of the Holidays

As the days turn to Autumn, it is only a matter of a few weeks before Ruby Lane Shop owners will begin to think about the Holidays and sprucing up their shops for the season. It occurred to me that it might be helpful if we shared some thoughts on making the season successful.

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