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Inspired by a Third Grader

I was catching up with some of my Linkedin groups and came across the incredible and inspirational story of Connor McCrory an eight year old child prodigy more affectionately known as 'The Youngest Picker'.

Rinker's Opinion: The Multi-faceted Collectible's Value

In the past, you have written about the concept of the multi-faceted collectible value. Would you explain the concept in more detail?

Collectibles have multi-faceted value. When auctioneers, dealers, collectors and others look at
an item, they think one value, a value that reflects their perspective. The difficulty is that two
collectors, each from a different collecting category, bring a different value perspective to the same

Remake This Room on Ruby Lane - Thanksgiving Table Decor

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) Antique Solid Silver .800 Figural Pheasant Decanter, $875, click here. 2.) Amazing French Iron Chandelier, $14,000, click here. 3.) 1847 Rogers ETERNALLY YOURS Silverware Set Vintage 1941 Silver Plate Flatware Dinner Service, $156, click here. 4.) Imperial Cape Cod Stem in Ritz Blue Cobalt, $30, click here. 5.) Wedgwood Brown Turkey with Floral Rim Dinner Plate, $75, click here.

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Shop Owner Review: September Red Tag Sale

Ruby Lane Red Tag Sales are spread out throughout the year. Participation by shop owners is optional. I look forward to the sales as they drive business, bring new shoppers to my store, and grow the wish list. Items I have listed often sell after the sale at regular price. Ruby Lane usually chooses mid September, the first Saturday in December, and near or after Mother’s Day for a sale. We also had one in January.

Remake this Look on Ruby Lane - Vintage Bohemian Chic

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) Vintage 1970s Hostess Skirt Orange and Green Paisley Floor Length, $36, click here. 2.) Vintage Long Art Deco Red Flapper Seed Bead Necklace, $120, click here. 3.) Vintage Goldenrod Yellow Bakelite Bangle, $25, click here. 4.) Vintage 7.5 Sterling Silver Orange Onyx Ring, $46, click here. 5.) Bright Red with Black Geometric Lines Vera Scarf, $10, click here.

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" Welcome to the Twenty-First Century !"

That’s how my youngest son put it. I fought it for over a year, but finally succumbed to the Smart Phone lure. I’ll spare you all the gory details that led to this decision and jump right in with my first adventure in goody-hunting.

Remake This Room on Ruby Lane - Pink Femme

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) A French Late 19th Century Walnut Rococo Style Double Bed, 825 GBP, Click Here. 2.) Pr. of Louis XV Giltwood Footstools By Eugene Dienst, Paris, $4,200 (pair), click here. 3.) Vintage c. 1960 Queen Anne Fully Upholstered Shell Pink Moire Chair, $198, Click Here. 4.) Huge Vintage Handmade Kirman Persian Wool Rug, $5,500, click here. 5.) French Kidney Shaped Vanity, $4,200, click here.

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"Remake This Room on Ruby Lane" - Mid-Century Dining Room

"The Inspiration"

"The Remake"

1.) Pair of Mid Century Scandinavian Modern Overman Pod Chairs Made in Sweden, $495, click here. 2.) American Art - Charles Sheldon: Rainy Day, Movie Magazine Cover Art, 7200 EUR, click here. 3.) Unusual Antique Signed Sabino Art Deco French Art Glass Vase Parrots, $650, click here. 4.) Antique French Catalan Dining Table, $14,900, click here. 5.) Harry Bertoia Children Side Chair Wire Basket Lattice Pattern By Knoll set of 2, $350, click here.

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How Exxon Got Its Name

I find trivia to be an intriguing look back to the past. When I am researching something I have for my shop, and I run across an interesting bit of trivia about the items designer or construction, I will often include it at the bottom of my listing to help the collector realize another important aspect of the treasure they are about to purchase.

Dynamite Descriptions

Whether you’re casually window shopping or on an urgent mission for a specific piece, item presentation can provide ease and enjoyment or discouragement and frustration in your search.

Your item description is a major part of your overall presentation.  Compare an overly lengthy description to crowds at a chaotic sale  - you don’t want to fight through those crowds, or read through those descriptions, only to come away disappointed and empty-handed!

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