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Black Dog Kitchen: Corning Ware. Who Would Have Guessed?

We've all seen that doll we played with or dish we tossed away while browsing at an antique mall and thought, " if only I had a crystal ball." Being in this business we're always looking around and wondering what will be the next hot item and believe me it's never easy to figure out. I can honestly say that if I save it the chance of it becoming a collectible is slim to none.

Rinker on Collectibles: It Is Time for Some Good News

I cannot stop checking the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It is making me crazy. Each morning I make a resolution to stop. My promise is broken the minute AOL boots up. Like many Americans, I am obsessed with the value of the DJIA. How low will it go? Will the DIJA take another roller coaster ride today?

Falky's Treasures: "If You Have It, Use It"

“If you have it, use it”. This quote comes from my mother-in-law. She was talking about using her hand-me-down china as everyday dishes. Her philosophy is simple, “It looks better in my cupboard than it does in the box stuffed in a closet!”. It gives her a chance to think of her mother, grandmother and other family members. They are also wonderful conversation items. She has found that everyone is careful with the dishes so they are not the ones to “chip”, or “crack” them. These dishes are very nice, bone china from the 1930’s.

Mainely Glass: The "Sporting Group"? ...Or Maybe the "Toy Group"?

Glass Dog Figurine... just those three keywords that aren't going to have many buyers flocking to your listing. Although that simple description IS going to attract someone like me hoping to scoop up a bargain, it does not help to ensure that you, as a seller, are getting the attention of your target audience and, in the process, maximizing your potential return.

Daylily Treasures: What Will Tomorrow's Collectibles Be?

I have pondered that question from time to time. I see the things that we consider 'everyday' items and wonder if they have any future value as collectibles. I'm sure that our relatives not so long ago didn't think that the things they used, either everyday or for special occasions, would have any future value as collectibles, or that people would actually having bidding wars on those items at auction houses or online.

Glitterbugs: We Can't Keep Everything.... Or Can We?

Isn't it just amazing how you suddenly discover a passion you never even knew you had? Money may be the bottom line in our business but you can't be in it in the first place unless you a have love, respect and understanding for these timeless treaures. Vintage sellers unconsciously see what others won't look at twice. It's in our blood and can't be helped. Why else would a Haskell, Sherman, Limoges or a Roseville jump out at us and sing when we had never even heard of their names?

Treasures From The Past: Barbie Is Turning 50!

Thinking about this milestone brings back wonderful memories of receiving my very first Barbie. The titian bubble cut doll took on a persona of her own and kept me enthralled many a day.

Urban Myths About the Ruby Lane Flagging System

Have you heard about that lady in Dallas, Texas, who kept her hair teased up in a dense, old-fashioned hairdo? She had no idea there was a black widow spider nesting up in her hair…until, one day……
Ok, you may not have heard it was a lady in Dallas, but that this really did happen to a woman living in California or Florida - or just down the street. “Lady attacked by spiders living in her hair” is an ‘Urban Myth,’ a frightening tale of the hidden dangers of vanity regularly recounted to new listeners in each generation since at least the 1950’s.

French Kissed: Censored Postcards?!

In 1954, authorities took aim at postcard artist Donald McGill and tried to censor his work. Fortunately, by then, they were 50 years too late. McGill's postcard legacy began in 1904 and by the time of the court proceedings in 1954, his life's work was already well distributed!

According to Wikipedia, it's estimated that McGill created more than 12,000 designs, of which about 200 million copies were printed.

Rinker on Collectibles: Preventative Maintenance Part 2

During a recent visit to Lincoln City, Oregon, I found myself constantly offering “how to take better care” tips during my walk-through home appraisals and at the appraisal clinics. A previous “Rinker on Collectibles” column discussed issues involving light, heat, humidity, and mildew. These were not the only problems I encountered.

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