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Catisfaction: Ginger Nuts, Tea, and Fostoria Willowmere

I have yet to track down any precise information about the origin of the Ginger Nut Biscuit, but have been assured by many sources that they were a popular cookie in Victorian Britain as they still remain today.

Rinker on Collectibles: Questions and Answers

QUESTION: I have a 9in high Thumbelina doll with an Ideal tag. What is its value? – GH, Lancaster, PA

ANSWER: Lack of detailed information is the primary reason I do not answer many of the questions sent to “Rinker on Collectibles.” “The proof is in the details” is the antiques and collectibles version of the old saying “the devil is in the details.” The more details a reader provides, the easier it is to answer the question.

Falkys Treasures: Snowed In - And Loving It

As I look outside I am thinking of past generations. Living in the West the weather is always changing, nature is always growing, and the animals are always the same. The weather can change as fast as the wind is blowing through the trees. Nature grows in the spring so fast and abundant, and sits at waits in the winter. But the animals do the same thing year after year. The turkeys come down from the mountains to the valley in the fall to avoid the snow; they start to go back up in the spring to the mountains where it is cool.

The Loft Antiques: A Community of Trust

After teaching for 31 years, and loving every day of it(well, ALMOST every day)....I decided to retire from the "going to work" every day routine....but knew I wasn't ready to really retire from working! After all, I was only 50!

Born Too Late Vintage: How My Past Shaped My Love of Vintage Clothing

I've been doing some memory searching trying to recall people and tv programs that have helped shape my fashion sense.

SOS to Vintage and Antique Lamp Dealers

Was trying to find out if I could send an "SOS" to all dealers with a picture of a lamp........I am totally clueless, and am desparate to replace the glass shade or whole lamp.

Will try to contact dealers individually, but just thought there might be a quicker way.....know it's not presently available, but it would be so helpful for antique novices like me!!!

Thanks for your help.

Mainely Glass: Why am I doing this?

After looking over my Quickbooks data from last year one final time before sending it to my accountant, I can't help but wonder, “Why am I doing this?” Sure, I've made some money. Perhaps I could have made the same or more by going to a “job” every day. But it's not JUST about money. There is something else that drives me to have a Ruby Lane shop. It all boils down to three basic things: the thrill of the hunt, the joy of learning, and the interaction with customers.

Marks4Antiques: Contemporary Dolls from the 1950s to Present

Contemporary dolls - those plastic and vinyl made since around 1950 - are growing in popularity among collectors.

Badboxers Antiques: Selling Online is Fun – But Does the IRS Consider it a Hobby or a Business?

It started out so innocently, you bought a few old postcards because they were so pretty, then you wanted MORE postcards, so you had to sell some of your collection online. The next thing you knew, you had stacks of postcards all over the house, boxes overflowing, postcards were everywhere, and you had a little extra money in your pocket to boot. Did you start your own business, or do you just have a hobby?

CarMel Collectibles: Aggie's Gift

Growing up in Wisconsin my family stayed pretty close to home, traveling only as far as to Illinois to see extended family. My parents enjoyed going to little shops of "goodies" sometimes known as junk stores, flea markets and antique stores. Each of them had something they loved and searched for. Mom and Dad spent their time picking through hundreds of items to find just the right treasure to buy on that trip. As the years passed the prices of their treasures went up. I loved those trips and also enjoyed looking.

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