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Sherer Heaven: Making Memories

I have the good fortune of not only being a grandmother ten times over, but a great-grandmother three times with another on the way. Recently, my first great-granddaughter, Bryanna, asked if she and her mother could have a sleepover at my house, as her father was going to be gone for the weekend. Of course, I was delighted and suggested they come for dinner and I would fix their favorite foods.

Cinsababe's: It's All About Who You Know

You have heard and shared this thought. I believe that it is basically true. My problem was that I didn’t seem to know anyone when I started this business. But I have found that taking the time to reach out, befriend, show concern for and help others can make you part of that “in” crowd.

Antiki: I Add Stashed Treasures Found in Estate Items

Passing along a great surprise to my clients is so much fun, it is almost as much fun as finding things tucked away in the purchased article. Whenever this happens , I try to price the item so it is still the reasonable price it needs to be for my margins, but also may be a little perk I can add to the cost of the piece.

Catisfaction: Hot Cross Collectibles (recipe included).

I recently sold a large Fenton Hobnail basket to a customer who asked if I would please ship it to her sister. She went on to tell me that their Mother always had a similar blue basket out at Easter so she had been looking for one for herself and one for her Sister so they might carry on the tradition in their own homes.

Rinker On Collectibles: Now Is Not The Time To Hold The Line

I received an e-mail from Dennis Hull and Gary Domzalski, co-owners of Affordable Antiques & More in Naperville, Illinois, in response to “Its Time For Some Good News,” a previous Rinker on Collectibles column. Their upbeat, positive attitude about the future of the antiques and collectibles marketplace is most refreshing.

Senior Moving Specialists: Is This A Flaw In My Glass?

Three part guide to understanding what the marks are in glass and how they affect the value of the piece.

Part I. Manufacturing Marks:
Marks in glass that are not flaws but part of the normal manufacturing process. They do not affect the value of the glass.

Falkys Treasures: Remodeling A Wyoming Homestead

My snowy morning all started out with the internet not working, because of the snow piled high on the satellite. Which lead me to work on a project in the house. My husband and I had decided a few months ago to redo a bathroom. The ideas were great, lots of help from the kids. We decided on the plans, and started to gather the tools, materials and dare I say it, "A drink or two." We took out the old shower, found a leaky valve. This will not be the last water issue either. We gathered the 'rock' for the shower.

Catisfaction: Tangible History

One thing that I have learned as I journey through this life, is that every single being in the world; whether alive today, part of our past or a projection of the future, has experienced something that they just cannot wrap their heads around. For some people it's the world of numbers and mathematics, for others it might be the internal workings of the automobile and for me it was always History.

SuzansTreasures: April Flower of the Month & The Daisy

Everyone knows their birthstone, but did you know that each month has a special birth flower or flowers?

Catisfaction: Ginger Nuts, Tea, and Fostoria Willowmere

I have yet to track down any precise information about the origin of the Ginger Nut Biscuit, but have been assured by many sources that they were a popular cookie in Victorian Britain as they still remain today.

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