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Kat's Colorado Tinkets: Creating Knowledge - Research, An Invaluable Tool

Years ago, when my twins had just started first grade, I needed to try and find something to do with my time. I didn't want to work a conventional job - I needed to have my hours flexible so that I could be involved with my kids programs, activites, and classes.  I researched things that I was interested in, I was looking into being an Appraiser.  I went to an auction and met a wonderful lady - soon to become my best friend ever!  She introduced me to internet sales. I was unsure about doing this. I felt I really had no knowledge to do this sort of thing.

Falky's Treasures: Pretty In Glass

Of course I was too little to remember, but I have pictures to prove I was there! It was my baptism. My aunt bought my dress. I was just a baby! The dress has been packed away for sometime now. Until recently, I have had it hanging in my bedroom. I really didn't like it there so I have been playing with ideas. Packing it away again, until one of my grandchildren can wear it, or displaying it better. Well, I was in a thrift store with my mom and I found the perfect frame! It is a gentle black, with glass for the front and the back!

Sherer Heaven: My Mother, The Guilty One

The dining room of my childhood home had an oak cupboard recessed into the wall--typical of homes built during the early 1900s. The top half had glass doors protecting objects on the three shelves behind. The middle was an open, mirrored area which nicely reflected anything before it. The base had drawers for tablecloths and silverware.

Suzans Treasures: May Flower of the Month - Lilies of the Valley

Lily of the valley has always been a flower close to my heart! Shy and sweet, it is an old fashioned, sentimental favorite with a heavenly scent. The wide ribbed leaves unfold, revealing a dainty stem of flowers, round and white as tiny pearls. Easy to cultivate in most parts of the US and Europe, the flowers flourish in light or partial shade. They grow from rhizomes or pips and return every spring.

Cinsababe's: Bartering - An Old Fashioned Idea for a New Economy

The down-turn in the economy has created a new paradigm for sellers and buyers alike. Let’s face it, as Ruby Lane shop owners the majority of us are offering items that are luxuries rather than necessities. In a time when customers have fewer dollars to spend on the extras, we face the challenge offering items at irresistible prices so that we do not face days without sales. It has become essential to find ways to maintain profit margins while offering buyers better prices. An old fashion idea, bartering, may be one way to lower your item cost.

Grapenut Glass: How Far Would You Go to Retrieve a Family Heirloom?

I recently had occasion to ask myself that very question. It involved a piece of furniture of my Grandmother’s, which over the years and through many moves had ended up at an aunt’s house. The aunt was downsizing and had consigned the large, dated and very heavy Flowers Furniture Company buffet to be sold at auction.

Falky's Treasures: A Story Through Postcards

As we were setting up another auction, I was the lucky one who got to sort vintage postcards. These weren't your regular postcards. These started in around the late 1890's and fisnished up in the 1980's. They were from the same couple of people, and their families. It started with the grandparents, and their friends and family, talking about the day to day things and about special family events. The earliest one showed a picture of the town they were in and on the back the story of the new house. Then we move into holiday post cards.

Rinker's Opinion: Is it possible to predict with absolute certainty the long range value of an antique or collectible?

Even God does not have the ability to predict with absolute certainty the long range value of an antique or collectible. The antiques and collectibles market is fickle because its buyers and sellers are fickle.

If I had the ability to predict future value, do you think I would be writing this blog? Of course not. Instead I would be retired and sitting on the beach of some South Sea Island basking in the sunshine from the profits I made.

Treasure Box Antiques: My Favorite Glass Pattern is Floragold

Floragold is a beautiful, marigold-color glass with a lacey, flowery, vine pattern. It is a very confusing type of glass for beginning glass collectors to identify, however. The Floragold pattern is often incorrectly referred to as Depression Glass. It is true that it is made in that tradition by Jeannette Glass Company, which also manufactured Depression glass in the 1920’s and 1930’s, but Floragold dates from the 1950’s.

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