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Sugar's Surprises: A Learning Experience at the Flea Market

Want your kids to learn something this summer? And maybe even enjoy doing it? Take them to the flea market, or garage sales, etc. Economics and the value of the dollar may be the obvious lesson to be learned, but with a little interest and effort on your part, there is much more to be learned.

Kat's Colorado Trinkets: The Art of the Deal?

I've been going to estate sales in the area for about 8 years now. After a while, you get to know the estate brokers pretty well. Some will give you a deal up front, others will give you a deal at checkout, and some won't deal at all. One broker, a woman in her late 60s is particularly fun to deal with. She usually has some great things to choose from and it's kind of a game to see what kind of deal she will give.

The Wright Treasure: The Hunt is On

Here in the Northeast - along with the lilacs, daffodils, and green grass springing to life once again - Garage Sales, Tag Sales, and Mile Long Sales are alive and well. Trying to get my groceries back home is a real effort for me because my car automatically turns - then stops, and I like to think stalls right in front of every sale in the area. Armed with what knowledge I have, plus the thought given me from the Antique Road Show that a treasure worth thousands is right in the palm of my hand, I go on the hunt.

Falky's Treasures: A Tribute

This week I remember a dear friend.  We all have friends that have helped us with our RubyLane shops, or who will go shopping with us to find the items we sell.  My friend, Carey, was more of the excentric type.  She purchased items that were silly, fun or just strange.   I think about her daily and laugh everytime I see a "silly" item.  She would come to the auctions and search out that one interesting item that would look great in her house,  or that ugly lamp that would look great in a corner.  She would 'recycle' things and give them as

Kat's Colorado Trinkets: Ruby Red ... Glass

When I was a little girl of about 10 or so, there was a "junk" store a few blocks away from where I lived.  In the summertime I earned money cutting my parent's grass, collecting glass bottles for return, and babysitting my sister's baby while she would go to buy groceries.  I loved the junk store and would spend many hours there.  They had a big African Parrot who would talk endlessly while I sat on the floor reading comic books.

Sugar Surprises: The Aha! Moment that Paid Off Big

It's what we do-shop, research, buy and sell hoping to make a profit. All of which can be exhilarating and exhausting. Maybe you, like I do, have a dream of taking something to the Antiques Roadshow and learning that it is worth the price of a small house. "I only paid a dollar", you'll say, crying. That may even be what keeps you going. No, I am not going to tell you that happened to me, but I am going to tell you that the day will come when all that research will pay off.

Gardenartus: The Silver Lining in These Hard Times

The Silver Lining In These Hard Times

Everyone has been touched either directly or through friends, family, and neighbors with the recession. It's hard to escape bad news when the media is announcing almost daily about another company closing or laying off hundreds of workers. I have seen some amazing things happening from the loss of jobs and excess spending coming to a halt for many.

Glitterbugs: Priceless Treasure

We always hear stories about hidden treasure like that item you scooped for a buck that turned out to be worth hundreds. Nothing makes us happier than a high profit! However, sometimes we are paid not in dollars but rather rewarded with the feeling of knowing you made someone else happy. As a seller, when I receive a response telling me how content the buyer was with their purchase I am always thrilled.

French Kissed: Glamour Ladies?

Following an ephemera paper trail is like joining Dorothy on the yellow brick road to Oz. It's full of surpises! Surely this is one reason that postcard collecting is so addictive. One never knows what path a certain card will take you on.

Car-Mel Collectibles: Make your shop sparkle!

If you owned a brick and mortar shop, you would spend time dusting often, changing your front display, checking for the arrangement of your items, placing a sale sign in the window periodically and maybe painting yearly.
Your shop on the cyber network is your brick and mortar shop. You need to maintain your site. The changes may be small but in the long run they will help your site look professional and accurate and we all know that change sells!

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