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Sherer Heaven: Go with Your Feelings

Twelve years ago, I noticed an upcoming auction of a house and its contents. The photo of the house haunted me. I didn't recognize the owner's name and it was in a neighboring town I wasn't that familiar with, but I knew that house. How? The house was to be auctioned off on Friday night and the contents on Saturday.

Barkcloth Betsy: Betsy Decorates with Ruby Lane

Hot Spring/Summer 2009 Home Decor Trends: Part 1

Glitterbugs: Clarice Cliff - The Bizarre Woman

One of the first pottery pieces I purchased was a very large Newport vase. I rarely consider pottery but this vase was so lovely and the price was right. While researching the vase I came across the name Clarice Cliff. She had worked at A.J. Wilkinson's factory at Newport, Burslem so her name came up often in my online search. At an auction a short time later what do I spy but a Clarice Cliff Celtic Harvest teapot. No doubt, it was love at first sight.

Grapenut Glass: What Drives The Collector?

I’ve been asking myself this question as I am on my daily hunt for new treasures. I don’t really have an answer, just some musings on things I have noticed. For one thing, lately I have noticed “the odder, the better” holds true for my shop, at least. Things that I almost didn’t buy seem to be doing really well lately. This goes hand in hand with “the uglier, the better” as well. If it’s odd and ugly, someone somewhere will want it, regardless of what we “refined dealers” think.

Black Dog Kitchen: The Macbeth Evans / Corning Ware Connection

The first piece of Macbeth Evans Petalware I came across was a Cremax (their name for ivory) vegetable bowl. I wasn't familiar with the pattern at the time, and it wasn't really a "kitchen" collectible, my specialty, but I was drawn to this delicate translucent piece which appeared to be more durable than typical glass. I went home, got out my books and started researching.

Treasure Box Antiques: Beginner's Guide to Antique Pink Lustreware

My Pink Lustre Tea Set Was Made Over 170 Years Ago!

I have an antique tea set that serves twelve people. It is a beautiful, hand painted, pink lustre tea set, made well before the Civil War. The beautiful pink lustre decoration is not the only way I can tell it is from an earlier period of time. The inclusion of a waste bowl, shape of the teapot, the shape of the teapot handle and the shape of the teacup handles, also indicate that it is pre-Civil War era.

Rinker's Opinion: The Infamous "Whatsit"

We asked Harry Rinker if he has ever purchased something even though he did not know what it was. Here is his response:

The answer is yes. I love researching antiques and collectibles. If I find an object that fascinates me and I do not what it is, I will buy it, providing the price is right. In this case, right means cheap. The antiques and collectibles trade is loaded with “Whatsit.”

Funky Stones: My First Garage Sale Buying Experience

I just wanted to share with everyone a story about my very first garage sale experience a few years ago when I lived in Miami, Florida. Almost every weekend, my husband would get up at the crack of dawn and go to garage sales. He went on every Saturday without fail, and without me. Sometimes he went on Sundays too. He always asked me to go, but I never really wanted to, so I either stayed home, or went shopping. Finally, on one weekend I decided to get up early and go with him. Mind you, up to that moment, I have never in my life gone to a garage sale.

SuzansTreasures: June Flower of the Month - The Rose

Many people consider the rose to be the high maintenance girl of the flower world. Elegant and stylish, with velvety petals and perfect form, the rose demands constant attention – one must spray, dust, prune and pamper. While this may be true of some modern hybrid tea roses, there are dozens of old fashioned girls in the rose family that will grace your garden with minimal care!

Venti Vintage: A Positive Outlook in Difficult Times

Last spring when the cherries on my backyard tree were just about ready to pick, I drove the twelve miles east to a small town “everything” antiques and collectibles shop to find a stack of bowls. As it was nearing the end of the month, and I was down to those last few dollars before payday, I vowed to only spend what I needed for the perfect bowls full of cherries to delight my friends and family.

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