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Rinker's Opinion: Who Are The Collectors?

We asked Harry Rinker to give us his opinion on exactly who is collecting these days. Here is his response:

Today there are three major buying groups in the antiques and collectibles market: (1) collectors, (2) amateur and professional decorators, and (3) reusers, many of whom are environmentally conscious. So... who are the collectors?

Falky's Treasures: Summer Store

I guess, I am like a lot of you. You don't have a brick & mortar store, just a hobby gone wild. I would love to have a cute little store in the middle of a quaint little area of USA, that I can display my antiques and collectables. Chat with the locals, watch the kids ride bikes down the street. But instead I have a country house that stores my treasures. There is one time of the year that I get to take my "treasures" to town. It is the annual Wyoming State Fair! Luckily I live in the town that holds this event. I dust off the furniture and shine up the dishes, even buff the silver.

Barkcloth Betsy: Green Decorating with Ruby Lane

Hot Spring/Summer Trends Part 2: Avian Chic

Rinker On Collectibles: Questions and Answers

QUESTION: My grandmother bought a candy dish during her honeymoon trip to Washington, DC from her home in North Carolina sometime around 1910. She could not have paid more than fifty cents for it. After poking around on eBay and the Internet, I identified the glass type as opalescent blue pressed glass. It is in beautiful condition with French opal frosting at the top fading to a clear, translucent blue glass at the bottom. The top edge of the round bowl is scalloped. There is a single handle. The pattern in the bottom appears to be a swirl of six fern fronds.

Born Too Late Vintage: There is so much more than you see in that vintage dress you bought

"That price is just too high." "I can find a coat like that in a thrift shop for $5." "I'll find a dress like that myself and pay a lot less."

These are things I've heard in conversations all over the Internet about vintage clothing. I've heard the wails of people saying sellers are pricing things too high. I've heard people saying they can find the same things themselves for $5. So here's my honest opinion about buying vintage clothing and pricing. Remember this represents my opinion and no one else's.

Catisfaction: What To Leave Behind?

Hi. My names Helen and I'm a self confessed hoarder. For 30 years now I have clung to every cherished possession and memento that reminds me of good times past. Movie ticket stubs, cuddly toys, books, magazines, pictures, postcards videos, Cd's, cassette tapes, school books, figurines.... the list is endless. And in my twenties the collecting began, the lust for glass, the shelves full of Blenko, Jeannette's pink Doric depression glass, Fostoria's elegantly etched Romance crystal.

Carmel Collectibles: The Table of Memories

I walked up the garage sale driveway noticing beautiful tulips gracing the front walk. A huge tree was waving in a gentle breeze. It was "hot, but not too hot", as I heard someone say.

I had never been to this address before. I didn't know who lived there. My reason for entering this yard was to find a bargain. I was looking for something for my shop or myself. I love looking for that unknown item, searching through someone else's "stuff" as some say. I was not in a hurry. I was just enjoying the day.

Steamboat Annie's: Get Outside The Box!

This article is targeted mainly to the brick-and-mortar store owners - yes, those old fashioned, die-hard, dinosaur antique and collectibles store owners, of which I am certainly one of those dying breeds, and most happy to be one, I might add.

Antique Treasure Box: Yesterday, A Customer. Today, A Shop Owner

Yesterday I was "just" a customer - today I'm another "shop owner."

I once had a conversation with a shop owner here, on Ruby Lane, who told me that she never buys from other shop owners.

Vintage Jewelry Showcase: Why Buzz about Vintage, Estate, & Antique Rings?

It's a real buzz when customers contact you regarding a vintage, estate or antique ring listed in your Ruby Lane shop and they tell you how much they prefer the "old" rings to what's currently offered in modern jewelry stores. After all, they're inquiring about rings that have been pre-loved and worn, rings that may even show considerable signs of wear i.e. scuff marks on the gold or a tiny chip in a stone.

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