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Cousins Antiques: Attending Auctions - Does scratching my nose mean I'm bidding? Part 1

Have you ever shied away from attending an auction, afraid that you would inadvertently bid on and be expected to purchase an item that you had no interest in buying?

Well, never fear! I am happy to share some of the ins and outs of how auctions work. This article is part 1 of 2.

Kat's Colorado Trinkets: The Summer Months

It's nearing the middle of Summer now and I'm stumped for a new "idea" to market my shop things. As my friend has pointed out, my slump happens about this time every year. Wonder why?

Born Too Late Vintage: Memories, Time Travel Into the Past

Every so often a memory of growing up activates in my brain and I start wondering about common place items we had in our home growing up. Casserole dishes came to mind which were made by the Everedy Company in Frederick, Maryland. My granddaddy, Paul, worked for the Everedy Company. I knew that they made casserole dishes and cake safes as I remember that my mom had those things but I had no idea how the Everedy Company started out.

Senior Moving Specialists: Glass and Thermal Shock, How to Prevent It

What is Thermal Shock and what does it have to do with glass?

Darby Antiques: The Downside of Technology

In early April, the main mother arrived in a ferocious snit, delivering what local weather experts described as a extraordinary event called a gravity wave - windstorms triggered by unstable air being forced to rise into stable air.

...the resulting three-day power outage left me with little to do but twiddle my thumbs and ponder the fragile nature of a daily routine that's totally dependent on being connected. While pondering, I considered the often unnatural attachments we make with others through the miracle of technology.

Catisfaction's Glass Gallery: Happy Hour at Ruby Lane

Part of the passion of collecting is sharing your excitement and joy with your friends and family. This can be a tough job when each piece is daintily savored inside a dust free case or cabinet. Those that use their favorite pieces of vintage glassware and china would, I'm sure, testify to the wonderful ice breaker conversations and friendly chatter that can so easily flow when one serves their guests with elegant and unusual vintage pieces.

Harry Rinker: Protecting Your Collection from Natural Disaster

We asked Harry Rinker for specific basic steps that should you take to protect your collection from natural disasters. Here is his response:

Photo documentation is the first step. You need a permanent record. Use film or electronic photographs, not video tape. A single lens reflex camera and two lenses, a standard lens for larger images and a close-up lens for individual objects and details, is the camera of choice.

Think disaster is step two. What disasters occur in your area? Since theft is not a natural disaster (although certainly akin to one), it will not be discussed

Catseye Vintage: The Sweater That Changed My Life

My exquisite and always stylish maternal grandmother was the original clotheshorse and had closets of lovely clothes, including a small room that had been converted into a walk in closet!

I was still in high school when I came home one day to find a bag of goodies ~ discards from Grandmother's closet. My Mom told me to go through the bag
and see if there was anything I wanted...

So I dug through and found a treasure ~ a vintage 60s white on white beaded and sequined cardigan sweater by Park Stork. I put it on and it fit like it was made for me.

Antiques by Charla: Creating Your Own Fashion Style

Have you ever admired a beautiful garment and thought how wonderful it would be in a certain color or print? Does your search for the perfect dress or outfit lead to frustration when shopping? It did for me. I have vivid memories of schlepping from store to store in search of just the right garment - a certain style, fit, color or design, and could never find exactly what I had in mind. This was the catalyst that led to my pastime of creating my own clothing fashions from sewing patterns.

Mainely Glass: No New Collectors? Whose Fault is That?

Recently I was talking to another shop owner, trying to figure out what the next hot collectible would be. She lamented “The younger generation just isn't into collecting like we were as kids”. I thought about that statement for a few days. If there isn't a new generation of collectors coming on board, who is responsible? We all are!

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