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Carmel Collectibles: Why The White Stuff?

Visiting home means visiting the local antique stores. After moving to Montana so many years ago, it was a real treat to go back to some of the shops in my home state of Wisconsin. My brother, Tom, was acting as my guide, taking me to some of his favorite haunts. He was stopping at furniture, pottery and small advertising pieces along the way. I spotted a large bookcase in a corner covered with various milk glass dishes. I lit up in delight and quickened my step over to it. Picking up piece after piece, I was in heaven.

Island Vintage: Fire King Tulip Mixing Bowls

As a small child, I can remember well the many visits to my grandfather's modest little home. It had only three rooms with the main area being a combination kitchen, dining and TV room. Off to the left were two doors, one to a small bedroom, the other to a small bathroom. Along the back wall was a row of built-in cupboards with an old square porcelain sink on one end and a refrigerator on the other.

Catisfaction's Glass Gallery: A Cut Above

I often hear remarks from both dealers and collectors alike which refer to the undesirability of Crystal in the trends of the collectibles market today. While it is true that many pieces of vintage art glass can add splashes of color and sparkle to your life, we must not forget the quiet elegance and subtle class that a delicately placed piece of fine antique cut glass can add to a home or office. Not to mention the rainbows and sparkles that the light will
refract around the room.

Rinker On Collectibles: Questions & Answers

QUESTION: I would like your help with an antique wooden Noah’s Ark that I have been asked to sell on behalf of a client. I have done some research, but am torn as to what sales approach might bring the best results. What is your advice? – K&S, E-mail Question

ANSWER: The pictures attached to your e-mail enabled me to identify your Noah’s Ark as one made in the Erzgebirge mountain region of Germany sometime between 1910 and 1930.

Grapenut Glass: Another Day In Paradise

I have reached a point in my life where I am now looking back on what I have achieved and wondering, “What next?” My only daughter told me of her engagement to a young military man a couple of days ago. I can’t help but get introspective now about her future and my past. I was just a few months older than she will be when her nuptials take place, when I dragged my still-groggy-from-lack-of-sleep betrothed to the Justice of the Peace over 25 years ago to make him an honest man.

Barkcloth Betsy: Green Decorating with Ruby Lane

Hot Spring/Summer Trends Part 3: Enormous Prints
"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous." Aristotle

Catseye Vintage Estate Collection: Vintage Colored Rhinestone Jewelry

I've written about my always fashionable and chic maternal Grandmother before ~ not only did she have closets full of beautiful clothes, she had dresser drawers packed full of small white jewel boxes full of colored rhinestone jewelry from the best department stores in town - all makers, including Hobe, Coro, D&E, and Napier, amongst others. She was a stunning redhead and favored topaz colored rhinestones ~ earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, and rings ~ the larger and flashier the better.

Rinker's Opinion: What Will The Next Generation Collect?

It is time once again to peer into my crystal ball; at least it would be if I owned a crystal ball. I do not. The lack of a crystal ball does not negate my ability to foresee the future. Predict rather than foresee would have been a safer word choice, but I must uphold my reputation for putting my neck on the line.

Cousins Antiques: Attending Auctions - Does scratching my nose mean I'm bidding? Part 1

Have you ever shied away from attending an auction, afraid that you would inadvertently bid on and be expected to purchase an item that you had no interest in buying?

Well, never fear! I am happy to share some of the ins and outs of how auctions work. This article is part 1 of 2.

Kat's Colorado Trinkets: The Summer Months

It's nearing the middle of Summer now and I'm stumped for a new "idea" to market my shop things. As my friend has pointed out, my slump happens about this time every year. Wonder why?

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