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Born too Late Vintage: Real Vintage versus Vintage Reproductions

"I'd like this dress in a size XXL and in red instead of black." These are the words of a customer that visited my shop recently. I was trying to figure out how my customer thought I would be able to find this particular item in a size XXL and in red instead of black when the dress I have listed is vintage. Then it dawned on me. In fashion magazines and in advertising on TV and the internet you see tons of dresses, skirts, pants, shoes and coats being described as "vintage style.

Barkcloth Betsy: Green Decorating with Ruby Lane

Hot Spring/Summer Trends Part 4: Orange
"Orange is the happiest color." Frank Sinatra

Times Treasures: Showcase Versatility to Improve Antique & Collectible Appeal

How many times have we heard that interest in antiques and collectible items is at a record low? That today’s buyers (when they buy) don’t care about historical things, but rather are are shopping for "looks" that appeal - and when they tire of a particular "look" – out it goes!

Shop owners, dealers and collectors are all are singing the same song: How can we attract new blood into the hobby? How can we encourage people to develop a serious interest and become collectors? How can we improve our items' sales appeal enough to inspire customers to decide to buy?

Cinsababe's: My Hubby’s New Career

My husband is something of a genius. He would say he just works hard. I met him at 18; he was in the Air Force. He told me on our second date that he was going to marry me and four months later he did—that was 1978.

Alley Cats Vintage: The Auction - Only the Strong Survive

Over my lifetime I have spent many hours/days in strange people’s backyard waiting on that one item I can’t live without. Usually I never get that item but end loading my car with boxes of strange musty unidentifiable objects that I have no use for. My greatest fear is what will crawl out of those boxes as I race down the highway to get home before my husband finds out I’ve done it again.

I’ve made a great deal of new friends attending these auctions since my particular addiction seems to be very common among the masses.

Falky's Treasures: The White Album

All he was looking for was a white photo album that contained the pictures from his wedding 55 years ago. The album was tattered and worn, but it was all there. The bride in her hand made dress, vale just draped over her shoulders. Sitting on the bench under the alter. Her smile, large and beautiful. He saw her again, and was still in love. She had passed across Heavens gates 5 years ago, but he had not forgotten her. I found the album in a back bedroom, under some clothes. He was so excited. His sight was failing, but not his love. I checked on him later to see how he was.

Island Vintage: Hooked On Chenille Breadspreads

It was by chance that I discovered the timeless beauty of vintage chenille bedspreads. I was watching one of the many home interior makeover shows where the designer had purchased two of these vintage bedspreads. These were to be used for the spare bedroom in a rustic log cabin. When the finished bedroom was revealed at the end of the show, I was hooked! Those twin beds looked so colorful and so cozy and the texture of the raised pile added a layer of luxury that can't be matched by even the nicest modern duvets. Who wouldn't wanted to snuggle up in such an inviting bed!

Falls Avenue Collectibles: The Hostess with the Mostest

When I was 11 years old my older sister took me to Sandusky, Ohio to visit her friend Betty. When Betty was setting the table she went to the china cabinet and pulled out her fanciest dishes. My sister told her not to bother and Betty asked, "If I'm not going to let family eat off these plates then what good are they?

Rinker On Collectibles: Questions and Answers

QUESTION: I have a Fender Mustang guitar in its period case. It has a red body and was purchased in the 1960s. What is it worth? – DK, Denver, PA, E-mail Question

ANSWER: The six pictures attached to your e-mail helped identify your guitar type and its condition. Unfortunately, you did not provide the patent dates on the headstock, the most critical information essential to determining the year your Mustang guitar was made.

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