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Rinker's Opinion: Ever Walked Away And Regretted It?

We asked Harry Rinker: "Tell us about an item you did not purchase and have later regretted not doing so. What advice do you have for a person facing a similar situation?"

I grew up in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. Hellertown, located in Northampton County, was home to the Molls, a family of Pennsylvania long rifle makers. In addition making to long rifles, the family also made pistols. Early Moll long rifles and pistols utilized a flintlock firing mechanism. Many were converted to a percussion cap firing mechanism during the mid-19th century.

Antiques by Charla: Searching for Hidden Treasure Amongst Handwritten Recipes

As I was leafing through some old recipe booklets and assorted handwritten recipes, I came across a personal diary notation dated 1918 tucked among the recipes. It was written by a sweet lady that I only came to know, back in the 1970s, when she was in her 80s. The note talked about attending a carnival, going to a picture show and when it was over, going up and dancing on the road with friends.

The Rinker Report: Quilts

Prices Noted: [Sources: Eldred’s, 1483 Route 6A, East Dennis, MA 02641, April 3-4, 2009; Ken Farmer Auctions (105 Harrison Street, Radford, VA 24141,, February 1, 2009; Garth’s Auction Inc. (2690 Stratford Road, Delaware, OH 43015,, Sale 1031, April 3, 2009; eBay sellers.]

$1,577 Crazy Quilt, 1888, Kate Greenaway Ribbon Roses, year and “Crazy Quilt” stitched into design, pristine condition, CA seller, eBay

Cousins Antiques: Attending Live Auctions - Bidding and strategy! Part 3

This is part of a series of blogs about attending live auctions. We will address bid strategies here.

Once you have registered and completed the preview of merchandise being offered, it is a good idea to review your list. Write down the highest bid you can comfortably make on each item or 'lot' (group of items). Remember to factor in the Buyer's Premium. Recording your anticipated limits will help you avoid 'Auction Fever', which often results in overpaying.

Mainely Glass: Using and Caring for Glass Vases

I am especially fond of vases. They are not only beautiful objects of art displayed on a shelf, but they also enhance the beauty of any flowers placed in them. Some people won't use their vases. They are afraid of water stains or find them difficult to clean. Perhaps the vase already have stains. No need to fear, your vases can be safely cleaned and used if you do so with care.

In-To-Wit: Astro Pack Rats - Virgo 2009

Summer’s heat fills the month of August for those of us who live in North America. The planets whirl and twirl their energy in the space around us no matter where our bodies travel this planet. Astrology speaks it’s language through their relationships to each other, marking us all with some story that is ours to consider, to negotiate, to ponder, to laugh with, to shift our consciousness around; to better our days and give dreams to our nights.

Rinker On Collectibles: There Is Hope

In late July I conducted an appraisal clinic at the Great American Antiquefest!, managed by Steve and July Allman ( and held at Long Branch Park in Liverpool, just north of Syracuse. Almost six months had passed since I attended a large antiques show, the exception being an occasional visit to the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in nearby New Milford, Connecticut. I keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in the show circuit by talking regularly with collectors, dealers, and others about their experiences at shows.

Born Too Late Vintage: More Back To School Days

Very shortly it'll be back to school time for my daughters. Back in the 1960's and 1970's when I was in school going back to school meant taking out the Fall Sears catalog and getting measured. My mom would measure all of us and then comb through the catalog looking at the fashions and working hard to stay within the family budget.

Rinker's Opinion: Valuation Techniques You Might Not Be Aware Of

We asked Harry Rinker: "What are the techniques you use to value an item that others might not know about?" Here is his response:

All antiques and collectible values are relative. Hence, the first piece of information I need to know is: what is the purpose of the valuation?

Alley Cats Vintage: Fred Perlberg - My Kind of Guy

Well known Fashion Designer Fred Perlberg started his own design business in 1920 at 525 7th Avenue which now houses designers such as Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller and Jones New York. Not much is seen of his earlier work up until about 1935 when he presented the first of his heavy high sheen satin gowns better known as liquid satin. He was known for simple affordable formal wear for women, simple on style and heavy on glamour.

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