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Remake this Room on Ruby Lane - Pop of Color

Brights mixed with whites create a vibrant balance and bring your living room to life!




1. yellow book $12 click here

2. blue book $39 click here

3. orange chairs $3200 (for pair) click here

4. pink chair $995 click here

5. charcoal sketch $150 click here

6. dresser $1195 click here

7. table $295 click here

8. settee $3500 click here


Ruby Lane History Lesson - Christian Dior

Christian Dior revolutionized fashion with a modern return to femininity after WWII. Fashion during wartime had been hampered by fabric rations leading to boxy, fabric-conserving shapes - not ideal for accentuating the female figure! Ration-minded women were ready for a change, and Dior, influenced by memories of his mother and her friends in their elegant Edwardian dresses with floor-sweeping skirts, indulged in more voluptuous silhouettes. Working in Paris, his full-skirted designs used up to 20 yards of fabric and characteristically cinched in the waist to further accentuate the bust and hips.  The extravagance of these designs contrasted with bleak post-war Europe, and helped to invigorate and re-establish Paris as the fashion center of the world.


Read more in the April issue of Ruby Read!

Remake this Room on Ruby Lane - Spring Clean

Refresh your room with a vintage spring clean!





1. painting click here

2. chair click here

3. vase click here

4. mirror click here

5. pillow click here

6. table click here

7. desk click here



Remake this Room on Ruby Lane - Mid-Century Madness

The AMC show, Mad Men, begins its final series on April 14th.  Not ready to say goodbye?  Remake your living room with Mad Men inspired Mid-Century style!




1. vase click here

2. lamps click here

3. credenza click here

4. art click here

5. sofa click here

6. coffee table click here

Remake this Room on Ruby Lane - Office Space

An office doesn't have to be stuffy - add some character to your work space with a few vintage touches!



Remake this Room on Ruby Lane - Bohemian Brunch




1) mirror $850 click here

2) chandelier $4500 click here 3) wooden serving bowl $265 click here
4) chairs - set of 6 $1900 click here 5) teapot $29 click here 6) tea cup & saucer $59 click here 7) cushion $65 click here

Remake this Room on Ruby Lane - All About Blue and White



1. bamboo bookcase - $250 click here

2. Staffordshire dogs - $385 click here

3. vase - $295 click here

4. garden stool - $249 click here

5. velvet sofa and chair - $900 click here

6. round mirror - $275 click here


"Remake This Room on Ruby Lane" - Cabin Fever

The Inspiration

The Remake

1. Bed Frame   2. Quilt    3.  Bellows    4.  Skis   5.  Coffee table   6.  Magazine Rack

Harry Rinker: Celebrity Bounce - Secondary Memorabilia Market

The death of a major movie star, such as the recent death of Shirley Temple Black, results in a great deal of media attention. What impact does it have on the value of that person’s memorabilia?

Ruby Read Magazine - February 2014 - Hearts Afire

Vintage Finds
Collecting: Mad about Majolica
I Heart This: Vintage Hearts
Designer Spotlight: Barry Dixon
The Magical Porcelain of Royalty: Herend History
and more!

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