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Q & A: Tips for Collecting Silver

"How can I tell if my flatware is sterling or silverplated?"

Ways To Ruin Antiques

No one intentionally ruins an antique, right? But lots of people do make costly mistakes caring for antiques every day simply because they don't know any better. Read on for valuable information to keep you from making an error you'll live to regret, especially if you try to sell a treasured antique in the future.

1. Improper Cleaning

Meissen and Dresden: Porcelain Marks

Porcelain marks are usually identified by naming the original manufacturer or maker and dating them to a certain period. In this fashion, if a pair of Urns are marked with a Sevres mark that dates ca 1800 – 1820s, we call them “A Pair of Sevres Porcelain Urns, ca 1800–1820s” and that’s it!

Hopelessly Devoted to Heisey

Quick Facts About Heisey Glass:

The Heisey factory was in business from 1896 through 1957.

Quality glass like that produced by Heisey has been nicknamed “elegant” glass by antiques dealers and collectors.

Tips for Obtaining and Using Appraisals

Shop owners sometimes feel the need to have an appraisal conducted for pieces about which they are unsure, in an effort to properly authenticate items prior to their being listed. Others have them done in order to be able to use the appraisal document in their listing as evidence of authenticity and/or certain value.

Shining Brightly: Silver Care and Display

Decorative sterling silver and silverplated wares can add beauty and elegance to a table or buffet. But what about caring for those pretty candlesticks, serving trays and chafing dishes? Won't they just tarnish and become a burden that you'll never use?

More Time for Cupid

In our age of precise atomic clocks and the easy ability for most of the world’s population to buy a timepiece locally capable of accurately telling them the time of day, it is difficult to imagine that keeping time was once a precious commodity available to few.

A Brief History of Time Keeping

Between 500 CE to 1500 CE in Europe technological advancement almost ceased. During this period, sundials placed above doorways were used to identify midday and four "tides" (important times or periods) of the sunlit day. Then, in the first half of the 14th century, large mechanical clocks began to appear in the towers of several large Italian cities.

Accuracy of Item Representation

When a customer purchases an item from an online seller, the item they receive should be exactly as it is described in the item listing. If the description states the item was made in 1960 or it is made of bronze, then it should be. If the item is damaged, then this should also be noted.

Art Loss Register

By now, many of you may have heard about the stolen Norman Rockwell painting found in movie director Steven Spielberg's collection. Spielberg is an avid art collector who sits on the board of the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The case is currently being litigated in Federal Court in Nevada and is expected to drag on for most of this year.

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