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Antique & 19th Century Cameras

Antique & 19th Century Cameras

"... how charming it would be if it were possible to cause these natural images to imprint themselves durably, and remain fixed upon the paper! "And why should it not be possible? I asked myself."


Storing Antique Quilts for the Summer

While we have an occasional April cold snap, for the most part we've seen the last of old man winter here in Texas. It's time to put away the quilts, sweaters, and other cold weather gear for another season. If you're wondering about the best way to store your vintage quilts when the time's just right for you too, take a look at this step-by-step guide: How to Store an Antique Quilt.

Is it Flow Blue?

Often someone will ask, “is this flow blue?” The color and the amount of ‘flow’ vary greatly from piece to piece. The blue color under the glaze blur’s naturally in the kiln, but it is the process of instilling lime and/or ammonium chloride in the kiln, which make the colors flow. Flow blue china was extremely popular during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, with the color ‘cobalt blue’ the most desirable but also the

Fact Check: Incorrectly Displayed or Misrepresented Items

Buyer complaints about purchases that were incorrectly described in an item listing, and in some cases, entirely misrepresented, continue to haunt the customer support personnel of many online antique and collectible shopping malls.

Let's Go Antiquing: Round Top Antiques Fair

Thousands of people from all over the country make the trek to Round Top and Warrenton, Texas for the spring antiques fair. This "fair" is actually a series of shows and flea market fields engulfing these two small towns the first weekend of each April and October. Many of the high-end venues open during the span of April 1-5, but the flea market fields get revved up about five or six days beforehand.

Rinker On Collectibles: Selling a Specialized Antiques or Collectibles Collection: Some Considerations

I frequently am approached by individuals seeking advice on how to best sell a specialized antiques or collectibles collection. Whether the inquirer is the person who assembled the collection, a widow or widower, or the executor of an estate, my answer rarely varies.

Antiques Industry Is Going Green In A Big Way

Is the “greening” of the antique industry a marketing opportunity, or just good ecological and financial sense?
The answer, across the board, appears to be both.

At a time when everyone is starting to take a look at their personal “carbon footprint,” “green” is on everyone’s lips.

Easter Antiques & Collectibles Signal Springtime

Fortunately for collectors and decorators alike, there's a bounty of vintage Easter stuff out for sale this time of year. You shouldn't have to look beyond a local antique mall to find a few vintage eggs, rabbits and Easter baskets to call your own. Before you go shopping though, take a look at Easter Collectibles Signal Springtime to learn more about the history of Easter and how we can celebrate this glorious time of year with some really fun collectibles.

Online Appraisals: Are They For You?

Pro - An Affordable Appraisal Alternative: Hiring an expert antiques appraiser to evaluate one, or even a few, antique or collectible items can be quite costly. Most charge by the hour with a one or two hour minimum, so the fee can oftentime be higher than the worth of the item being evaluated unless you're looking at a real rarity.

March Fine Item: Gardens of Delight

Arranging flowering plants, shrubs and grasses to please the eye (and the nose) of any who would wander among them at leisure has been an artistic activity worthy of human accolade for many hundreds of years. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were acknowledged to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World by the second century BC.

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