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Rinker's Opinion: What do you think are dealers' biggest frustrations in today’s marketplace?

I sell information about the antiques and collectibles trade, not the objects themselves. I am a collector, not a dealer. In my role as a “neutral” observer within the trade, I am in constant communication with participants from all facets of the trade, especially sellers (dealers). Here are my observations from several recent conversations.

Identifying Sevres Porcelain

Even if not in the business of buying or selling antiques and collectibles many people in the world at large are aware that Sevres is the name of an important maker and decorator of porcelain in France. What they may not know, however, is how widely faked and copied Sevres has been throughout the centuries.

A Brief History


The addition of the Porcelain and Pottery lanes on Ruby Lane has caused some of us shop owners to scratch our heads on how to categorize our ceramic or clay based items. We want to follow the guidelines given us, but we also do not want to lose sales from items that are lost in a search. For instance, flow blue china may be porcelain, semi-porcelain, or stoneware and it is especially difficult to differentiate soft-paste porcelain from pottery.

The Price of Least Resistance by Ed Welch of The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles

In 1962, I was a student at the University of Mainz at Gonsenheim., West Germany. I studied Western civilization. The German philosophers, American history (from a perspective not available here in the U.S.) and a business course called “Money.”

The course on money was, by far, he most interesting. The information I acquired has been financially rewarding. The course looked at the social, emotional and psychological aspects of spending money.

Stolen Antiques - Have you seen these???

Notes from the Lane received an email from a reader, Patricia Lynch of Chicago, IL, asking for assistance in helping her locate several antique items that were stolen from her establishment.  If you have any information please contact Patricia directly. Her contact information is listed below. Editors - Notes from the Lane

A Measure of Equality and Perfection

To escape religious persecution in 1774 Mother Ann Lee, an Englishwoman,
brought a small group of her followers to America. She and her
congregation were members of the United Society of Believer’s in Christ’s
Second Appearing, known as the ‘Shaking Quakers’ or ‘Shakers’. They soon
established a quiet religious community near Albany, New York.

Shaker beliefs were based on divine order. All members dedicated

Rinker on Collectibles: What Is The Antiques and Collectibles Trade and Who Are We?

The antiques and collectibles trade in 2008 is very different than it was in 1993. The changes have been earth shattering. Change is inevitable. This may be life’s only truth; everything else is speculation. What follows is my speculation about where we are and where we need to go. Whether you agree or disagree is not important; that you think about it is.

The Introduction of Porcelain Production in England. Part 1

Undeniable obsession; the search for financial backers; bankruptcy; families with their possessions piled into handcarts, on foot to another town to escape creditors and try again; triumph and disaster: the story of the development of English porcelain in the first half of the 18th century.

August Fine Item: Celebrate Summer!

Was it only a few months ago the North wind blew cold, sculpted drifts of
snow across the paths in our gardens and chilled us as we set off to
school or work? The warmth of a hot August day was longed for by many as
the sleet hit the windows back in January.

Conversely, in the middle of August, we think ice is nice. It cools our
drinks for us in the flaring heat of summer. We weren’t the first to

The True Cost Of An Antique By Ed Welch of The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles

I bought an antique helmet at auction for $900 plus $90 buyer’s premium. However, $990 is not the total amount of money I have invested.

I first saw the helmet a week before the auction. In my opinion, it was not a reproduction. It was in excellent condition for an iron antique that could be three or four hundred years old. The helmet brought to mind a painting by Rembrandt in which the setter is wearing a similar but much finer-crafted helmet.

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