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The Will of the People

With a new American administration just barely one week old, we felt compelled to add this bit of trivia regarding the very first presidential inauguration:

Frenchkissed: Transatlantic Criss-Crossings

Indiana Jones,a bit beaten up and battered from one of his adventures, said, "It's not the years, Darling, it's the miles." When I get out my jeweler's loupe and examine a new shipment of antique French postcards, I am often astounded that many have survived the years with hardly a wrinkle. How can something that is 100+ years old look like it was printed yesterday?

Rinker's Opinion: Do Antiques & Collectibles Prefer Red or Blue?

We asked Harry Rinker: Do you think that changes in our country’s political climate affect the antiques and collectibles trade? Here is his response:

To Restore Or Not To Restore?

Points to Consider Before Refinishing Antique Furniture:

- Is your piece out of the ordinary? Is it a masterpiece or classic example of craftsmanship? Make sure refinishing won’t diminish the value of your furniture.

- Was your furniture made by a notable craftsman or manufacturer, regardless of its age? Look for any marks or labels that might indicate the origin on the bottom or back of the piece.

Dear Santa: Of Course, a Horse!

The lineage of rocking horses can be traced back at least as far as herds of play stick ‘hobby horses’ roaming Europe at large in the 15th century. By the Middle Ages, men of noble birth trained for the joust while seated on mechanical contraptions that simulated the movement of a real horse beneath them.

Fact Check: Pseudo Hallmarks on Silver

With a new Lane now dedicated to items made of silver (other than jewelry) we thought addressing the issue of puzzling or easily misconstrued maker's marks on silver might be of interest to anyone who offers antique and vintage silver in today's marketplace.

A Bit of History

Sunday & Sunday: 14K Gold? Really?

Hi Jewels, just want to warn you about a very deceitful practice in the antique watch industry concerning the marking of watch cases as "14K" gold. The best way to do this is through images. Take a peek at these two watches, I will show you the watch first, and then the mark.

Waltham hunting case ladies watch:

Fact Check: What Are The Primary Types of Porcelain?

There are two primary types of Porcelain, with a third distinguished by nomenclature when a specific additive to a basic formula is included:

Hard Paste Porcelain

Rinker's Opinion: What do you predict to be the future of buying/selling antique online vs. physical shows, brick and mortar, et

I remember life before the antiques malls, let alone the Internet. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that eBay’s impact would rise and fall within a fifteen year span. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

One thing is certain. Whatever happens will occur online. I have a fair idea of what is needed, but not who will develop it. The field badly needs a general online antiques and collectibles auction site, albeit one focused only on antiques and collectibles. The site has to resist the temptation to serve a broader sector.

Ah, Yes - The Yearly Family Gathering

The functional area of a house we refer to today as the ‘dining room’
began to become popular around the 17th century. This was a room separate
from others in the house in which a family would gather at mealtimes and
guests were fed and entertained at the table. Being able to maintain a
special room in which to do little more than eat was of course a luxury
reserved for the genteel in the 1600’s. Most people of that time kept a

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