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Sands-O-Time: My Trip to 11 Michigan Antique Malls

In an effort to do marketing for my favorite Antique Show that starts in May in Chicago, I took a 10 hour round trip from Detroit to Lansing to hit all of the Antiques Malls with flyers and cards for the upcoming spring events. In each shop I stopped to talk to those behind the counter and I heardquite a few interesting things and also observed some things in the shopsthemselves.

Antiques On Canaan St: How Antiques Are Made

Many years ago all I wanted was a pretty bowl to put on a table in my front hall. Not a big request. Just something that spoke for me when people entered my home. (Good health and peace in the world were also important). But when you are the mother of three young, wonderful, active children, you sometimes covet objects of another life. So, my wonderful mother-in-law gifted me with an impressive "new" Chinese type bowl that looked beautiful on that hall table. I was even motivated to dust the table more frequently.

Antiques By Charla: Tools of the Trade for Estate Sales

Thank goodness, Winter is almost over and Spring is fast approaching - and with Spring comes all the yard sales and estate sales we've anxiously awaited all Winter. My last blog touched briefly on expanding beyond the items in your area of expertise and venturing out into other collectibles or antiques categories.

Heritage Heirlooms: Blue Willow Part 1

My grandmother's Blue Willow Collection intrigued me from a young age, thus started my vast collection of Blue Willow. Her blue willow teapot proudly sits upon my shelf as my memories of having tea with her linger on.

Love and Honor: British Registry Marks

British Registry Marks

For the last couple of years I have been on a quest to learn more about silver hallmarks. Particularly on antique jewelry. It can be quite confusing when you don’t know where to start.

Looking through my collection of antique jewelry, I ran across a Scottish Luckenbooth pin. (The history and lore behind Luckenbooth pins is quite fascinating on it’s own.) My sister has traced our family roots back to Scotland. So I thought this pin would make a great gift for her. The pin does not have any of the usual hallmarks that I have seen on British silver…So after a lot of researching…I was at a loss.

Gardenartus Antiques: Do Your Homework

When listing an item for sale there can be a lot of time spent just on doing research and it can be frustrating. If you want to sell it though you have to do your homework first.

Jan's Unique & Beautiful Treasures: My Buddy

To those of us who are collectors of art, there is a certain devotion to it and the craftsmanship that creates a unique hand crafted piece. Artist tells a story with their hands by the final masterpiece that they birth. I was so captivated by the ‘My Buddy’ sculpture that I searched long and hard to find out more information about the sculptor, Antonio Ramos and his inspiration behind this particular piece.

Dorland's Antiques: Displaying Your Religious Collection

Many of my religious customers have asked me for ideas on displaying their collections, as this can be a challenge to be creative and yet keep the proper reverence for the items and what they represent.

Antique Treasure Box: What I Was Teaching My Daughter About Antiques

Do you remember the very first time that you held an antique and fell in

I do.

It seems like yesterday when I purchased the beautiful Royal Nippon cobalt
tea set. The hand painted roses and asters, the raised gold detailing,
the hand applied beads of wicker white moriage, the fat, squat teapot and
ooooohh, the tiny, perfect feet!

I was instantly head over heels in love with that set and still am; it sits
proudly on display on a tea cart in my living room. Of course, no one is
allowed to touch it, although my 13 year old daughter and I do,

Harry Rinker: I Just Inherited A House Full of Antiques Which I Would LIke to Sell. What Should I Do?

Question: I just inherited a house full of what "appear" to be good quality antiques. But I am not an antiques expert and I only want to keep a few pieces. I am overwhelmed. What Should I Do? Here are Harry Rinker's recommendations:

There are two questions about every antique and collectible: (a) what is it and (b) what is it worth? The first involves authentication. What exactly and I looking at? The second is valuation, i.e., understanding what a piece will bring in a specific secondary sales market. When you do not have the expertise, you need to buy it.

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