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Heritage Heirlooms: Blue Willow Part II - Manufacturers & Marks

A Collection of Sugars and Creamers from Various Makers...

ADIN: An Eastern Fairy Tale

How are the bunny and the hare linked to eggs?

Gardenartus Antiques: Free Advertising? Take Advantage Of The Monthly Finds

The Monthly Finds is a fantastic way to get "free" advertising for your shop. Each month you can choose any item that is currently active in your shop and add it to the Monthly Finds, unless it sells it will stay in that months list of items. If it does happen to sell during the month, hopefully it does because that is the idea behind adding an item from your shop, you can simply add another item to replace it before the end of the current month.

Sands-O-Time: Is it Time for a Fresh Start in the Antiques World?

A trip to NYC this weekend to visit one of the largest Antique shows in the country brought many questions to my mind, but first NYC itself. This was my second visit in the past 6 months to what I consider to be the greatest city in the world. It's like it's own country, it's own world. It alive and pulsating. The smell of street food, wondering where people are off and running to, the occasional celebrity getting out of a black car. There is so much to see, so much to do. Me? I focus on the streets of Chelsea. My favorite antiquing neighborhood.

Wigwampatterns: My Friend Al - the Old Toy Collector

Over the years, I have been involved with flea Markets, antique malls and antiques Shows. I never really wanted a brick and mortar shop. In those early years, I was honored to have studied with the BEST in their field - men and women who had, in some cases, 50 years experience, in the areas I chose to deal in.

Antiki: Tropical Estate Finds plus a Free Vacation!

The joy of retailing is an odd way to make a living, and you have to love searching for wonderful items to give your clients the best possible quality and prices. I love it.

Cobble Creek Antiques: Free or Low Cost Appraisals?

Perhaps you’ve seen free or low-cost “appraisals” advertised in conjunction with antique shows or at local shops. People line up with their latest rummage sale find, and hope to be told that they have something of great worth.

While this is an inexpensive and fun way to learn a bit about your item, be aware that the value you are given should be considered an “educated guess” rather than an appraisal.

Mainely Glass: Address Provided With Purchase Order

I see a large number of Ruby Lane shop owners who don't want to publicly display their address or phone number. Some only include a first or last name. Perhaps they don't want their competitors at local auctions and estate sales knowing who they are. Perhaps they are afraid of having strangers show up on their doorstep. Perhaps they are hiding from the tax collector. I don't know.

I understand the need for privacy, I do. My shop is strictly online. My inventory is kept in my home. It is not a public place. When I first opened a shop on Ruby Lane, I also hid my contact information.

Ogee's Antiques: Antiques; The Business of Recycling

When my husband and I started our business in 1978 it was to be an outlet for local artists. Antiques were an afterthought as a means of displaying the art work and having another potential commodity for sale, hence we included the word antiques in our name, Ogee’s Art & Antiques. We bought oak furniture pieces (oak was popular in the 70’s in Idaho) and began refinishing until we had a good foundation to open our shop. We opened the door two weeks before our Grand Opening and after the first week we realized our shop fixtures, the antique furniture, were gone.

Seaside Art Gallery: 3 Tips on Keeping Your Paintings Healthy

How do you take care of the beautiful oil or acrylic painting that you have chosen?

Fortunately, paintings will give you years of enjoyment with very little effort. The principal threat to paintings is structural damage. You can eliminate most of the risk by taking a few precautions.

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