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Judy's Lovelies: Buying with Heart

I once saw a quote, “The easiest way to become a millionaire in the antique business, is to start with 2 million." It was early in my career in this business and I smiled not really understanding. After 17 years, I may have a better understanding. If you want to become rich, you should not buy with your heart. You should invest the time and the money to research every aspect of the business.

Cobble Creek Antiques & Collectibles: Good Green Fun

For those living in a cold climate, flea markets are an eagerly anticipated seasonal event for both buyers and sellers. One of the best in the Midwest is the Elkhorn Antique Flea Market. Four times a year, the Walworth County Fairgrounds in the small town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin plays host to the market.

Ogee's: The Old Phonograph - Usage and Maintenance

It was thirty years ago that my husband and I bought our first phonograph. It didn't work but it came with a box of cylinder records and was intriguing. We were doing an outdoor antiques show at the time and it was just slow enough that Robert had the time and talent to make the phonograph work. When he finally wound it up the sound carried across the lawn to entertain all of the vendors and buyers. At that point were hooked. In the following years we bought and sold many phonographs always encouraging our buyers to enjoy their purchase and not to be intimidated by it.

Heritage Heirlooms : Spring Brings the Start of Outdoor Antique Shows!

April 2009 - The Liberty Antique Show in Norht Carolina

There is nothing better than the thrill of the hunt after a long winter...

As I was packing up to do this show, the apprehension was building. The state of our economy left me with many concerns about actually doing a show. The antique market has been down more than up, which left me wondering if there would be many buyers.

Northeast Aquisitions: Vintage Costume Jewelry - Miniature Works of Art II

When I purchase another piece of vintage costume jewelry, I feel as though I am adding to my art collection. I consider the vintage pieces of jewelry to be very well made, with the finest materials. The best designers, some of which were artists before they began to explore their creativity in jewelry, created lasting pieces with exquisite attention to detail and workmanship.

Sherer Heaven: A Rainy Day Fantasy Fulfilled

Recently, I had the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong spend a rainy day exploring an attic and the treasures it held.

As a young girl, my brother and I loved to play in our attic on rainy days...digging through the old trunk my grandmother brought from Sweden--full of what little she could bring to her new home in America--and pushing my dolls around the attic in an old wicker buggy. How cozy it seemed to hear the raindrops on the roof, yet to be so warm and safe in our lofty, makeshift playroom.

Mainely Glass: Does Your Shop Need Tending?

I am a gardener, and love the change of seasons. While planning my Spring plantings, I started thinking about how tending a garden is very much like tending my Ruby Lane Shop. Both need constant attention to stay looking fresh and inviting.

Carmel Collectibles: Smiling In Cyberspace

In the world of cyberspace, what does a smile have to do with selling online? We notice a smile on a child's face when they see their mom or dad. A smile crosses her face when the doorbell rings and flowers arrive. We laugh and smile as we see our pet playing with a favorite toy. All of these experiences have one thing in common, they use the eyes to express emotion in some way. In Ruby Lane, cyber world images are words on a screen or photographs of items illustrating an online site.

The Loft Antiques: Ruby Lane Shop Owners: Don't be the scapegoat....High Standard Policies Can Help You!

This article is about a policy that may affect all of us at some time or another. I remember as a teacher, from time to time....policies were set by the system that perhaps I might not agree with, but it was my responsibility as an employer to abide by them. If a parent ever questioned a teacher's judgement on a matter, we often had that policy to refer them back to, and it took the responsibility off of us.

Antiki: Price Your Items

When trying to decide how to price your items , the new standard across the antiques and collectibles world is now at  3 times cost.  It was previously 2 times cost as the standard way to price an item, but last year most  antiques experts and newsletters changed the suggested formula. I have never had to make any item 3 times cost  and here is why.

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