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Seaside Art Gallery: Artist's Signature - How Do They Change the Value of Art?

Signed in pencil, signed in the plate, what does all of this mean? The way a print is signed and it’s impact on the value of the art causes a great deal of confusion. You will see prints that are unsigned, signed in the plate, stamped signature, estate signed and signed with a blindstamp. There are no hard and fast rules about how an artist should sign their graphic art. It is more important to know what the normal procedure was for the time period and what the normal practice was for that particular artist.

Cinsababe's: Pieces of the Past

My friend Kellie sat in my living room bewildered, “I have a living room piled high with my mother’s things that no one else wanted! I didn’t want them either, but someone had to keep them so I brought them home.” Kellie is going through the difficult process, along with her sisters, of moving her mom to a 24 hour care facility.

“What kind of things,” I asked.

“Her report cards from grade school, school projects and papers, old photos . . .” the list went on.

Senior Moving Specialists: Summer Time is Convention Time

Along with the warm temperatures and sunshine of summer, many antique and collectible groups and clubs hold their annual conventions in the summer time. The yearly events bring together people from all over the world who may have only one thing in common, their love of a particular collectible or antique. With the widespread use of the internet some people have been chatting about their collections in online groups and clubs and will get to meet people for the first time in person face to face.

The Antique Wood: Funnier than the Three Stooges

My last submitted article was about the restoration of our former home built in 1927. It was a labor of love and a huge learning experience. (We learned that we never wanted to take on a project like that again!)

Reminisce: What Are Hair Receivers?

I collect and sell many vintage vanity accessories, and have noticed that one of the most frequently asked question I receive on these items is: "What are Hair Receivers?"

Well, as the name suggests, they received hair!

The Antique Wood: Exciting Restoration

Restoring a home built in the 1920’s and updated once in the 1950’s could have been overwhelming, but my husband and I rather enjoyed it. Not having to live in it while it was being restored probably helped too. We were the third family to own it; the original owners built it in 1927 and sold it in the 1950’s to the next family who updated it.

Retro Ruby: Decorating Inspirations - 2010 Trends - The Outdoor Room Part II

Metal Furniture & Accessories

Summer has officially arrived with the Solstice occurring on June 21st and it's time to start living outdoors! Summer is the season to relax, entertain and dine alfresco and an ideal opportunity to start thinking about the yard as an extension of your home.

Cinsababe's: Downstairs at Felton Antiques

I knew when I walked down the steep narrow stairs and saw the dozens of baby shoes hanging from the rafters—not for sale—just hanging there, that Downstairs at Felton Antiques was a different kind of store. It was January, 2008, zero degrees, and we had just arrived in Boston in our RV to spend a few months. Little did I know that frigid day that I would not only be shopping in a collector’s haven, but would be starting a wonderful new relationship with a place and a person.

Heritage Heirlooms: Benardaud - History of Limoges China

The history of French porcelain begins in 1768. A woman from the village of Saint-Yriex La Perche, near Limoges, discovers a soft white clay that she later uses to to bleach her household linens. Researchers identified this substance as kaolin. A long sought after material that is responsible for the flexibility, stability, and impeccable iridescent transparency of fine porcelain. The discovery of kaolin in France announced the arrival of the industrial and cultural importance of Limoges porcelain.

Musings from A Seasoned Ruby Laner: Understanding British Hallmarks

With the possible exception of the laws covering market traders, the British Hallmarking Acts must be some of the earliest consumer protection legislation in the world. They are also a fascinating subject in their own right. The marks themselves have strong heraldic associations, heraldry also being a very compact way of conveying a lot of information in a small space.

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