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That Was Then Antiques: The Evolution of an Antique Dealer ... cont.

Who knew that my mother's love for antiques would rub off on me? Or that it would play such a significant role in my life? It was such a subtle thing. When I was a child, she took me to small neighborhood shops along Coney Island Avenue and Church Avenue in Brooklyn. She took me up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we lingered over vitrines full of miniatures. We spent hours walking through the rooms at the Brooklyn Museum. A favorite part of going there was looking at all the wonderful things in the gift shop. We often bought gifts for friends there.

City Lights: Teach a Boy to Fish

My mother forcing me to make Christmas decorations when I was young did not ruin my life; she may have contributed to my later choices as an Antique dealer.

Seaside Art Gallery: How are Art Editions Numbered?

How many are there? Is one of the most common questions concerning etchings, woodcuts and other graphic art. Prior to the end of the 19th Century, the concept of an edition size or keeping track of the number of impressions did not exist. So no one knows how many etchings Rembrandt, Durer or Whistler printed. If they had a customer for a work of art, they printed one. The wood or metal would also start to break down during the printing process, so this also limited the number of pieces.

The Loft Antiques: Searching for Treasures...Is There a Trip in Store?

After a long hot spell (That sounds like something my Grandmother would have said), we've had a break in the temperatures and have enjoyed some days that "almost" makes us think that Autumn is upon us! Although we more than likely have several more weeks of summertime like readings on the thermometer, it has given us hope that it won't be long until we are hearing the rustling of leaves as they make their falling departure from the trees, and perhaps even roasting marshmallows at a fall celebration somewhere!

The Antique Wood: Shoplifters

One nice thing about having an internet shop is that nobody can shoplift from you. It’s a different story, however, if you have a bricks and mortar business. I am always amazed at what people shoplift.

Treasures from the Past: Collecting and the Younger Generation

We have all read about the graying population in the antique and collectible field. Shows try to reach out to younger collectors all the time, hoping to instill much needed new life blood into the field. With that in the back of my head, Cindy (Seniormovingspecialists) and myself decided to bring my granddaughters and her daughter to the 20th annual Fenton convention.

Line State Antiques: The Antique Tapestry

You are a mystery of intricacy.
My jewelry loop moves over the surface and
There is nothing that does not fascinate me.

St. George slaying the dragon, in an Amish home?
Is this not idolatry? You seem not to care,
Anxious for the sale, one of many things that fit better into a lot.

I count more than twelve colors and the wool is interwoven with a thread,
Black and nettled throughout holding everything together.

Gerlinda Studios: Disability Etiquette – Part 2

Here are a few more tips that might decrease the awkwardness that sometimes arises between those with and without a disability. No one wants to intentionally hurt another, but there isn’t a handbook on what’s common courtesy. Sometimes ‘political correctness’ can seem sterile, sometimes even reaching absurd proportions. But here are a few guidelines that might help ease discomfort for all, without being ridiculous.

City Lights Antique Lighting: A Shop is More than a Shop

At the time, 1970 I was twenty-one, when the owner of an antique shop threw my stepfather and me out of his store, I did not know that I would eventually become an antique dealer. It seems I’d always liked old stuff, I’d even sold a few things scavenged from my job at Morgan Memorials, but I really didn’t consider antiques a viable occupation for me. Workin’ on my cool, not workin’ for the man, was where I was at.

Dusty's and Rusty's Antiques and Oddities: The Importance of Pricing

There are two types of antique dealers. One the one hand, there are the dealers who love their merchandise dearly and are thoroughly convinced that a finer and more unique lampshade/art print/shaving mug never existed. These are the charming dealers who are delightful to talk to; full of information and anecdotes about each and every item. Generally, however, these are also the dealers whose prices are just a little too high, as the dealer is convinced that their item is truly special.

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