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When Modern Designs become highly sought after Antiques

A recent visit to the new wing of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (MFA)was intriguing. The new displays reflect a big change in how museums present their collections and what objects need to be displayed. Perhaps the most talked about display is the painting of Paul Revere holding a silver teapot made by him. Within visual sight of the painting is the actual teapot in a glass display cabinet.

You never know who you will meet in an antique store! Ron, is that you?

The most famous person ever to come into my store, City Lights, was Ron Howard.  His interior designer had been in the shop weeks earlier and discussed a few items for her client, name withheld.  Later, the designer called and said that her client would be in to look at the items.  Withholding the name was unusual but not unprecedented. The designer must have been afraid I would “alert the media.” A year earlier, Ron Howard had won acclaim with nine nominations and two Oscars for Apollo 13.  His notoriety was at a peak.  

Retro Ruby: Winter Storage Options - Antique Trunks and Chests

Retro Ruby: Decorating Inspirations from Ruby Lane - Containing Winter Clutter

Our weekend newspaper is filled with post-Christmas sales flyers. We have ads from large department stores, local retailers, drug store chains, and even home improvement circulars. Home Depot and Lowe's have front page headlines reading “Contain Winter Clutter” and “Reorganize for the New Year” and are highlighting 20 gallon storage totes and various shelving options. They are affordable, durable (until they crack), and useful but have to be stored away from view in closets, under beds, or in garages and attics because they are so unattractive. Consider Ruby Lane pieces for stowing away clutter. Vintage collectibles offer desirable storage options made with skilled craftsmanship, higher quality, and an overall sense of beauty. I found these unique styles with a search for “trunk”:

That Was Then: Once upon a Time...or How it all Started

My hope is that you will find something amusing or interesting in my next series of articles based on my personal experiences as an antique dealer. This first anecdote starts with doing my very first show.

I had accumulated an abundance of unsold inventory and so figured doing a show would help me to unload that stock. Prior to that I peddled my wares to a short list of buyers one on one. I didn't expect that doing shows would lead to a permanent change in lifestyle or that such a passion for the antique business would be ignited.

That Was Then Antiques: The Evolution of an Antique Dealer - The Game Changes

How many readers remember that the first year of Ebay was only in black and white? Really, you ask? Yes, indeedy! Not only that, but only about half the listings had accompanying photographs! The predominant and favored method of payment from 1996 to early the early 2000s was United States Postal Money Order - basically plain old cash! Do you realize that the online payment method, Paypal, didn't begin in earnest until early 2000 when by then, over 1 million Ebay sellers offered Paypal as an option!

Falls Avenue Collectibles: Posting An Ad On Kajiji

Like most sellers, I've found plenty at flea markets, yard sales and auctions. We'd all agree, the hunt is the best part of our jobs. Nothing is more thrilling than finding something amazing; except selling it at a profit of course! The problem is, these venues chew up hours of your time and when you come home with next to nothing besides a feeling of frustration you think, there has to be a better way. Enter Kajiji...

Seaside Art Gallery: What is a Serigraph?

Most of us have used stencils in school for lettering and it is a popular method on home decorating shows in order to add a pattern or design to your walls.

Rinker's Opinion: Do you collect Civil War items? If so, what you do have in your collection?

The 150th anniversary celebrations of the Civil War, identified as the War of Northern Aggression by some of my Southern readers, are about to begin. South Carolina succeeded from the United States on December 24, 1860. I was a sophomore at Lehigh University when the 100th anniversary celebrations began. As a history major, I read dozens of new books generated by the anniversary. One of my research papers focused on the role of the Confederate cavalry in the week prior to and during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Vianvi Jewelry: High End Auctions: Part I: The Preview

I've always wondered what it would be like to attend one of those really high-end jewelry auctions like a Christies or Sothebys. Like, just how different are they from the local estate auctions we sometimes take in?

Treasure Box Antiques: Surprising Items You Should Not Throw Out When Preparing for an Estate Auction

I have been an antiques dealer since the turn of the millennium. I have also helped out in my friend’s auction business for over ten years now. Over and over again, we see firsthand or hear stories of things people threw away because they had no idea there was any value in them. We can only shake our heads for the shame of all those lost potentials for profit.

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