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The History of Rosary Beads

Rosary and prayer beads have a long history. They are used to keep count of prayers and to keep track of what prayer should be said and in what order.

Guercino and Handel: A Possible Comparison


This painting is shown alongside two 1740s Manuscripts of the cantata La Lucretia by George Friedrich Handel, (1685-1759) the German-born British Baroque composer famous for his operas and organ concertos. The exhibition brings together two creative interpretations of the Lucretia story: Guercino’s painting and Handel’s music.


A culturally enriching article submitted for the enjoyment of Ruby Lane readers by Exhibition Project Coordinator: O.B. Adam of the Ruby Lane shop QuiArte.


Article written by Prof. Francesco Gonzales for the Exhibition Guercino and Handel, The Foundling Museum, London; September 17, 2013 - January 26, 2014.




Storing and Displaying Cameo Collections

Recently I've had several clients chat with me about displaying and storing their cameo collection. Having given some tips to them I thought I might write a quick article to help other collectors in their pursuit to safely store their prized pieces, in such a way that they can get great pleasure from their collection.

Ruby Lane Has a Brand New Look

We are pleased to announce that Ruby Lane has a brand new look and feel - just in time to celebrate our 15-year anniversary. Read on to find out what’s new on Ruby Lane:

New Layout, Logo and Colors - Higher End Look

July 4th - Holiday Weekend Shopping

Do customers shop online near July 4 and other holidays? What can shop owners do to drive business while they enjoy a holiday weekend?

Ruby Lane sent emails to customers such as Keeping Cool in July, In The Heat of July and July finds. I received quite a few advertising emails that weekend and did order from two sites. They were things I would needing soon and at a good price.

Rinker's Opinion: Antique and Vintage Silver and Collectible Watches

Vintage and antique silver for entertaining (a la Victorian style) seems to have become much less popular. What are the causes?


Decorating styles are trendy. While the Country Look is the exception, it experiences pendulum swings: (1) primitive vs. formal, (2) American vs. English/Old World, and (3) Early American vs. Colonial vs. 19th century vs. 20th century. Like fashion, decorating requires constant change to survive.

Impressionists: A Humble Catalyst

Painting outside is one of the best ways to become a better artist. Through personal observation and time constraints by nature, the artist/painter needs to learn how to work fast without compromising their efforts. It is exciting and fun now, thanks to an American artist who was also an inventor.


My Vintage Garden – Asparagus

In late spring, I await the arrival of the “Asparagus Man”. An older farmer, soft-spoken, with gentlemanly manners and a hint of a Southern drawl, he appears at his roadside stand each day with freshly cut green spears from his own garden. Slender stalks or fat juicy spears, he’ll have them bundled and ready to take home for the evening meal.

Collecting the Georgian Enlightenment

If one is enamored of the fine style and sentiment of Georgian English authors, and the continuing expansion and clearing of the mind exhibited in the works of the 18th century, then the reader starts collecting the various editions as they are stumbled upon. Most undirected readers preferring paper to screens, they tend to find the more popular works first.

Antique Photograph Identification for Beginners

Are you just starting to collect antique photographs? Let me help you identify the most common kinds of antique photographs so that you can build your confidence and expertise as you begin to build your collection.

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