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Shop Video: With Love Karen on Ruby Plaza

With Love Karen offers one-of-a-kind purses crafted from hand-picked vintage and upcycled fabric, fur, and trim, completely handmade and truly unique.

View the video: bedded

Visit With Love Karen on Ruby Plaza:

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day - Doodle Dandy's

Owners Name: Marlene Biddle

A little introduction: Nothing pleases me more than to hear a customer tell of finally finding that long, lost item from their childhood. It is not only fun but a privilege to find new homes for these lost treasures. My first love is glass but I offer a variety of antiques, collectibles and vintage.

Love Train Vintage: Sometimes easy is the way to go!

While I love having my Ruby Plaza store, I have been semi-frustrated with the amount of traffic coming to my store. I started thinking about what I could do to get people to at least stop by and see what I have to offer. I looked at where my customers have been coming from and what they have been buying. You can send out emails letting your past customers know you are having a sale or give them a discount if they come in and buy something but half the time that email offer ends up in their spam folder never to even be looked at.

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day - Mary Ann Designs

Ruby Plaza Shop: Mary Ann, Mary Ann Designs

Ruby Lane Shop: Anna's Vintage Jewelry

Owners Name: Mary Ann Docktor-Smith

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day - Jewelry by Andrea

Shop Owner: Andrea Kelly

A little introduction:
My jewelry is inspired by countries and cultures around the world. I love working with materials that are made by hand through traditional methods, especially those with a spiritual meaning. I enjoy researching how the materials are made, their symbolic meaning and history within a culture. I use the pendants, beads and stones to then make unique hand-strung necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Favorite item in your shop?

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day: I. R. Grimm Jewelry & Art!

Ruby Plaza Shop: I. R. Grimm Jewelry & Art

Ruby Lane Shop Name (also called): I. R. Grimm Jewelry & Art

Owners Name: I. R. Grimm

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day: White Dove

Ruby Plaza Shop: White Dove

Owners Name: Scarlett Dunn

A little introduction: I'm Scarlett - and, yes, I'm from the south! I love jewelry, all kinds of jewelry: handcrafted, vintage and antique. I have
been making jewelry for many years, and I love color, so I enjoy making pieces that makes people smile. One of my customers recently said to me,"I don't know why I am so crazy for your bracelets!" I know why, they make her smile, as they do me.

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day: OKtreasures

Owners Name: Billie Maxine & Paul Stiles

A little introduction: We are Seniors who still wanted something to do to
keep our minds active. Since we love looking for old treasures &
collecting the same, we needed an avenue to sell the items when we had too
many to keep. So a shop on Ruby Plaza was a perfect place to sell our
items since we also have some new items we wanted to sell.

Favorite item in your shop? My favorite items in our shop are the vintage

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Day: Treasure Island

Ruby Plaza Shop: Treasure Island

Ruby Lane Shop:: Oban Antiques

Owners Name: Pam Baker

A little introduction: I have been collecting antiques for almost as long as I can remember, and selling them in one way or another for over 40 years. I like their story. That is, I like to think about what they have seen that I haven't...And of course I love beautiful things. My weaknesses are silver and old books. And a lot of other stuff.....

Favorite item in your shop?

Past Hence: Research Resources

After a successful treasure hunt, I can’t wait to get back to my computer to research what I have acquired.  My husband says I spend too much “unpaid” time this way, but more often than not, this is not “unpaid” time because shop items that include proper identification will sell for more than items that are listed more generically.

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