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Ruby Plaza Shop of the Week: Cobayley-Plaza

Ruby Plaza Shop: Cobayley-plaza

Ruby Lane Shop: Cobayley

Owners Name: Carolyn O'Bayley

Springbeads: The Folklore of Stones

It is widely believed that stones hold different properties that promote success, love, happiness and health as well as many other benefits. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the benefits of some these stones.


The folk name is Amazon Stone. Its benefits are success in gambling and it is used by anyone who is taking a chance to ensure success.


Ruby Plaza Shop of the Week: The Vanities of Life

Ruby Plaza Shop: The Vanities of Life

Ruby Lane Shop: Bonnie Boswell Antiques

Owners Name: Bonnie Boswell

Abit of Vintage: What does Baseball and the Antiques Business have in common?

We're into the exciting final segments of the baseball season and I couldn't help but think about the antiques business. Why? What could baseball and antiques have in common? Basically nothing and yet there is a fine thread that runs between the two.

While watching Ken Burns 10th Inning on PBS recently, I looked at baseball's heroes and the chemistry between fans and the objects of their affections and realized that the antiques business is quite similar.

Kat's Vintage Corner: Writer's Apologies

I recently had a situation where my way of communicating caused me a lot of distress and some very real problems.  I asked my best friend to read my email's and let me know what she thought.  Boy, was I surprised to hear what she had to say! 

Artisans of Mexico: Big Ideas, Small Beginnings

Big Ideas, Small Beginnings

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Week: Victoria's Bazaar

Friday, October 22, 2010 - Shop of the Week

Ruby Plaza Shop: Victoria's Bazaar

Ruby Lane Shop: Victoria's Curio

Owners Name:  Vicki Smith-Drysdale

A little introduction:

Springbeads: "I am just trying to make a living..."

I am just trying to make a living......that's what I heard a lady say at a craft show. I stood there listening (more like eaves dropping) to this lady complaining about the lack of sales and the "type" of people that come to craft shows. I was shocked, no wonder she wasn't selling anything. I stepped back from her table,she didn't acknowledge me or even noticed that I was standing there.

2Hearts Vintage Jewelry: Notes from a Newbie - The Thrill of the Hunt?!

Yesterday, I found – and bought – my first Takahashi bird pin. After reading about them in Julia C. Carroll’s “Collecting Costume Jewelry 303,” I have followed their sales on EBay and have been on the hunt to find one. Locating valuable vintage costume jewelry finds is partly serendipity – at least for me as a newbie. It is also a matter of continuing education so that when you find a treasure, you recognize it as such.

Treasured-Delights: A Bead Trip

I was looking for something in my craft room earlier today and came across a bag of beads from a trip my friend and I recently went on. Okay…we live in Florida, but we didn’t go to the beach…we did what anyone with an addiction does…we indulged ourselves by going on a beading trip! We signed up for a wire class, which was fun, but what we really were looking forward to were the shops and distributors.

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