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Vintage Vixen: My First Purchasing Trip - A Vintage Scavenger Hunt

My first few flea market trips to find jewelry were kind of hard, considering where I live. Leesville, LA does not have a lot to offer in vintage jewelry, or anything worth much for that matter. Just a few junk yard looking places that call themselves flea markets. Luckily my mom, who is very talented in internet research, was around to help show me the ropes and found some very special little places.

Camille Styles' Stylish Picks on Ruby Plaza for January

Camille Styles here, with my favorite Ruby Plaza picks for this month. Today's items are inspired by the psychedelic 60's, flaunting colorful motifs, pop art designs and of course, a free spirit. I can't imagine a more fun era to find inspiration... and though I wish I'd gotten to experience such a terrific decade, I love knowing that I can relive it through the retro gems that are still circulating!

New Guest Contributor: Introducing Camilla Styles: Her Stylish Picks on Ruby Plaza

We are pleased to announce a new guest contributor to Plaza Notes. Camille Styles is the editor of lifestyle blog, where she shares the unique sources and stylish discoveries that inspire her parties and her life. She is also the owner of Camille Styles Events, a design & planning firm that transforms ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.

Past Hence: Letting Go

I just sold a beautiful anniversary special edition Fenton epergne.  I should be pleased, and I am, but I also have a hollow feeling.  As soon as I saw it would sell, the first thing I said was “Woo-hoo!”, and then an instant later, “I should have kept that one.”  I know I can’t keep everything  (no matter how hard I seem to try), because I just do not have room for it all, and what is the point if it has to stay stored away in a box because of lack

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Week: White Rose Antiques

Ruby Plaza Shop: White Rose Antiques

Owners Name: Karen Slembrouck

A little introduction:
A love of depression glass & pottery soon led from collecting to opening my store White Rose Antiques in 1993. Being surrounded by Roseville Pottery, Depression & Victorian Glass, Howard Pierce Porcelain...a hard job but "someone's" got to do it.

Favorite item in your shop?
My current favorite is a small Howard Pierce Porcelain Hippo. She is only about 2" high x 6" with big eyes and a cute Hippo smile. She makes you happy just looking at her.

Gerlinda Studios: Move - Just Move

Last year, my only New Year’s resolution was No Excuses. It worked. Not only did it keep me from kidding myself when I tried to squeeze out of tight rationalizations, I also acquired a cool blank stare when others explained themselves. I often felt tempted to respond to those offering their good excuses with an ‘Oh?’ Excuses are a time-waster. Better to have spent the time handling the situation initially than explaining it later. Plus, politiely smiling and nodding while uttering “I understand” through clenched teeth is exhausting.

2Hearts Jewelry: Notes from a Newbie - Debrief on a Trunk Show - Mixed Results

This column is about the logistics and results of holding a trunk show at a retail place of business. I invite others that have done this to share their experiences, both in terms of “what works” and “wasn’t worth it.” Last month I shared my very rewarding experience, both personally and financially, having a friend host a jewelry party at her home. Just as a post script to that, I have had several additional sales from those who attended that event.

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Week: Cobayley-Plaza

Please visit our Ruby Shops at

Ruby Plaza Shop: COBAYLEY-Plaza

Owners Name: Carolyn O'Bayley

A little introduction:
We shop Northern California estate sales to find the best Antiques and Vintage collectibles to offer in our Ruby Plaza and Ruby Lane shops.

Favorite item in your shop? 650104-100-4480

Fun decorative Akro Agate Mini Flower Pots.  These make dandy candy or nut
dishes if you are lucky to have enough to set a table.

Artisans of Mexico: On the Nature of Things

Human nature has become artificial. This is the message I take away each morning as I spy the latest addition to our “home decor,” peering at it, squinty-eyed, over a morning cup of coffee.

Past Hence: What are you Watching?

As sellers, we know how much time and energy is put into our business, so much running around finding inventory and packing supplies, researching acquisitions, crunching numbers, sometimes it seems like we never get any down time. But we also know that were we to get that down time, we would spend it thinking up new places to get inventory, or how best to word that listing for Grandma’s old sock stretcher, the brain is always logging time.

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