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Utilizing the Wish List on Ruby Plaza

Ruby Plaza is probably a new site for you and there are lots of tools at your fingertips for enhancing your browsing and shopping experience. Whether you're just out for a stroll on Ruby Plaza to browse the 1000's of items for sale in the shops or out on a mission, searching for a specific item, you might find the Wish List to be a handy tool.

Research - Your Best Tool for Sales Success

Have you ever listed an item for sale that you just didn't know much about?  Many times I have found an item that is so old or unique that I can't find anything about it anywhere.  I take many photos and give as much detailed information as I can about the item and list it anyway.  But I still feel that I am lacking in being able to provide that bit of information that would help Buyers really know what they are looking at.  Over the years, I have become better and better at researching and in turn have seen a higher percentage in sales.

Is Decorating With Milk Glass Making a Comeback?

I've been wondering lately if milk glass is making a comeback. Now, I'm not saying it is.It has been pointed out to me that I am not Martha Stewart or any other trend-setting icon. But, as a shop owner, I do see trends in what is selling.

Stainless Steel Flatware - the Workhorse of the Kitchen

Tom and I shop many estate sales....I had never looked at the kitchen silverware drawers.  I was more interested in those lovely sets of sterling and silverplated flatware.  I love them and I love finding matches for my customers and I have received countless notes and letters telling me how thrilled a family was to be able to once again use mom's or grandma's silverware at the holiday dinner.  Then, a sharp liquidator pointed me into the kitchen.  She said "you know, this sta

What can I do with all the Clutter in the Basement and Garage?

What can I do with all the clutter in the basement and garage? A light-bulb moment--why not look into opening an online shop. It would be so easy. Organize all those items that I bought while managing an antique mall, gifts that I never used and no longer have room for, jewelry that’s not my color. Why I could make a fortune! Hah!

Handcrafted Gift Cards - The Ripples we Create

We've all heard the expression about throwing a pebble in the water and the ripples it creates we may never know. Well, I’m involved in the completion of the “ripple”. Here’s how it began.

How Jewelry and Listing is Therapeutic

I have had my store open on Ruby Plaza For quite some time now, and it has been an amazing experience. I stated in my first blog I have severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and am 100% disabled. It has been hard to come to terms with letting go of my dreams to work in the medical field. So, instead, I turned to my second love; fashion, jewelry and all thing vintage! Thanks to my mom, who has been teaching me everything, I have found a way to fill that void.

Notes from a Ruby Plaza Newbie Shop Owner - Focus on Photos

With an online shop, taking eye-catching photographs is Job One. As the months have gone by in my newbie world, I have found improving the quality and impact of my photographs is immensely satisfying. Love my new Canon G12 digital camera, however all you really need is a camera with a macro setting and the ability to adjust the white balance exposure.

Ruby Plaza Shop of the Week - Charmed Life at Ruby Plaza

Monday, April 25, 2011 - Shop of the Week

Please visit our Ruby Shops at:

Ruby Lane Shop: Charmed Life Collectibles

Ruby Plaza Shop: Charmed Life at Ruby Plaza

Winner Chosen - The Ruby Plaza Interior Design Contest -The Most Beautiful Bath or Powder Room

We are pleased to announce that we have a winner in the second Ruby Plaza Interior Design Contest. Out of many lovely contest submissions, our winner is Sharon Carpenter of Jelly Bean Jump & Collectibles. Sharon wins $250 which she will receive in the mail.

The contest theme was The Most Beautiful Bath or Powder Room. Here is Sharon's overview:

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