What's This?

What's This?

Welcome to Ruby Lane's 'What's This? column.

The What's This? column is designed to serve as a tool to assist our reader's in accurately identifying an item, a maker's mark, or to request additional information about an item. If you’re not sure about the maker, the age or any other aspect of an item’s identification, you may submit your questions to the Editors of Notes from the Lane at blogarticles@rubylane.com Thousands of reader's, including our Ruby Lane shopowner's and Facebook fans, many of whom have years, if not decades of experience, may be able to help. This service is free to all our readers.

What's This? Hama Basha Studio Pottery

What's This? Can you provide any information about this vintage Paden City plate?

I found a set of paden city pottery dishes in my mom's shed. I have all the pieces except one. I can't seem to find this particular pattern, which I think is called paden garden. I'm attaching a picture of one dish. I know paden city pottery closed in the 30's. Any further information on this pottery would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Brenda W.


If you have any information, please post it to the comments section below! Thanks!

What's This? Can you provide any information to the identity of this bear?

Hi, I think I may have an old bear would like to know how to identify it. It feels like it's stuffed with straw? Real hair? Bell in the left ear. Was told by my grandma it was a 100 years old.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jacob Schmidt

What's This? Can you identify the maker and pattern name for this dinner service?

Dear all,

I'm trying to find out more about this porcelain with a view to (somehow) locating extra pieces to replace unfortunate breakages. It looks from the mark as if it's Moritz Zdekauer and produced at some point between 1918 and 1939.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!






What's This? Can you identify the maker of this porcelain figural lamp?

Would appreciate any help I can get. Came to my hands to a pair of porcelain table lamps in very fine and had always heard that more than one hundred anos.Eu already researched all that was possible and I can not identify the brand. Will someone help me? I send you pictures of lamps, as well as the brand, characterized in that folder.

A thank you from the heart.
My best regards
Cristina Castanheira



What's This? A Notes from the Lane reader needs your help...

I bought this off a table at a church rummage sale in Exeter NH several years ago because I liked the look of it. I have absolutely no idea what it is but this is the best idea I have come up with. I believe it is antique.

What's This? A Notes from the Lane reader needs your help...

This is an old carved wood pig, The face and feet are iron. The iron is not wrapped around the wood face but applied as an accessory to  the wood. Really hoping to get some help as I have never seen a thing  like him! Thanks in advance!

Post your questions and comments below! 




What's This? A Notes from the Lane reader needs your help...

Hello I have had this painting for over 50 years and would like to sell .  Can you tell were to sell the Painting ?? Will attach some pictures front and back.
Thank You Jack Minnick

I had the painting cleaned and repaired, great job was done.

If you have questions or information for Jack please post them in the comments section below. Thanks, Ruby Lane




What's This? A Notes from the Lane reader needs your help...

This weekend whilst clearing out my Gran's house I came across a green Bangle. My Gran died recently aged 91, and she had lived in what had been her father in law's house since she was married at 19. The bangle seemed out of place compared to her other pieces of jewellery and yet I was quite drawn to it. We have found lots of very old pictures, and biscuit tins from both World War I and II and all my grandad's letter's to Gran whilst stationed in Belgium and France during WW2.

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