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Harry Rinker: How to Handle Requests for Free Advice

As a person whose profession is selling information about antiques and collectibles, how do you handle individuals who want “free” advice?

Harry Rinker: Estate Sales & Appraisals

On February 27, 2014, you were a featured speaker at the Estate Sale Conference sponsored by in Memphis. What is your take on the role of estate sales on the disposal of household estates, especially those involving antiques and collectibles?

Ruby Read - March Issue: It's All About Blue & White

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In our March issue:

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Marcia's Must-Haves - Select Ruby Lane Picks from Marcia Sherrill

The January Issue of Ruby Read

A Shipping Shame

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a carnival glass fruit bowl stand made by Imperial Glass from the early 1900s. My previous attempts to find the correct bowl to fit the stand had been unsuccesful and very frustrating. Nevertheless, I soldiered on in my search for the elusive “Twin”.

I finally found it. I was so eager to receive this bowl that I emailed the owner twice so that I would know when to expect it. I never got an answer to my email. That felt like a bad sign but I still eagerly awaited my package.

The December Issue of Ruby Read

Enjoy our online magazine, Ruby Read December - Our Holiday Issue

The Egg in the Sewing Drawer

Breaking down a family home after 60 plus years of living means that you are asked if there is something you would like of the loved one's belongings. I have been mulling over this question recently and decided I would like something that I know most people would question my sanity upon hearing my choice. I will ask for the family’s sock darner.

Know Thy Silver

Silver is wonderful isn't it? Nothing quite makes a festive meal like silverware. Even though some consider it high maintenance, it is so worth it when that beautiful shine comes through.

Silver hallmarking boasts the claim (at least in England) of being the oldest form of consumer protection with regulation of the goldsmith craft (the term goldsmith was formally used without distinction for both goldsmiths and silversmiths) dating back to Medieval times.

The Irony of the Perfect Gift

An antique is a piece of history that becomes part of your history.

Allow me to tell you a tale of the perfect gift, until it wasn't. In the early 2000s, I worked for a New York antiques dealer who specialized in exquisite and rare artifacts. He had a colorful and varied clientele comprised of foreign aristocrats, corporate moguls, and famous artists.

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