Looking Back On 20 Years of Collecting History

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by Ruby Lane

What a difference two decades make!  Think back to 1998.  What where you driving, what did your hair look like, and how big was your “handheld” phone… if you even had one then!?  One thing that has not changed for many of us over the past 20 years is our love of dolls and Teddy… Read more »

Top Five Vintage Picks for Dads Who Collect Action Figures and Dolls

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by Ruby Lane

We’ve seen some of the most magnificent collections and entire doll museums belonging to men. Doll collecting is universal – and isn’t defined by age, race, gender, etc. It’s one of the reasons it’s so wonderful. Men collect all kinds of dolls, including action figures, G.I. Joe dolls, toy soldiers, historical figures, and more. Andy… Read more »

The Top 5 Factors That Experts Consider When Identifying and Valuing Vintage Playthings

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by Ruby Lane

Special Guest Blog by Ruby Lane Shop Owner ‘Steiffgal’ Rebekah Kaufman You’ve just added a new treasure to your collection, and your gut tells you that there’s something special about it.   Or perhaps you have had an unusual doll or Teddy bear for years, and have always wondered if it has any real financial value… Read more »

Top Ten Vintage Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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by Ruby Lane

[mp_row] [mp_span col=”12″] [mp_image id=”43603″ size=”full” link_type=”custom_url” link=”https://www.rubylane.com/ni/search?q=valentine%27s%20day” target=”true” caption=”false” align=”left”] [/mp_span] [/mp_row] [mp_row] [mp_span col=”12″ style=”min-height: 50px;” classes=” motopress-space”] [mp_space] [/mp_span] [/mp_row] [mp_row] [mp_span col=”6″] [mp_text] 1.    Antique & Vintage Lockets:  They range in size from tiny, doll scale to several inches.  They contain keepsakes like locks of hair, or small photos, from Daguerreotype… Read more »