What’s Old is New Again | Serve Oysters the Hip Way with Antique Oyster Plates

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by Ruby Lane

Among antique plates or dishes prized by collectors are oyster plates. An oyster plate is easily recognizable because it is divided into oyster-shaped compartments. If you want to be totally ‘hip’, serve oysters on a wonderful antique or vintage oyster plate. Gilded Embellished Two Tone Turkey Oyster Plate Antique Oyster Plate ~ Custom Ordered Vintage… Read more »

5 Perfectly Vintage 2017 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Ruby Lane

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by Ruby Lane

1.       Vintage pins that say “mother.” During the 40s, mother of pearl brooches decorated with a gold script that said “Mother” were very popular.   They look great today on a blazer or cardigan.  Some are shaped like crosses or other objects.  Best Kept Secrets of Ruby Lane has a great example. They also have a… Read more »