The Top Five Reasons to LOVE Dollhouses

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by Ruby Lane

Miniatures and miniature rooms existed even in the Stone Age, where the 40,000-year-old Venus figures mostly fit in the palm of one’s hand.  The famous Nampa figurine found in Idaho could be older, or a hoax, according to conflicting archaeologists, but it, too, is only inches high. Miniatures and mini rooms existed in Ancient Egypt… Read more »

Five Past and Present Doll Artists to Know and Love

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by Ruby Lane

1.    Gregg Ortiz: This talented young artist has captured the best of doll making with the tradition of fine antique doll creation.  He applies eye lashes to his doll himself, and the costumes are often elaborate designs.  Ortiz dolls are one-of-a kind creations which spare no detail and are signed by the artist.  They are… Read more »